750 available job openings in Bogota: we will tell you how to apply

Date: 10 August, 2021
Empresas internacionales tienen 750 vacantes disponibles en Bogotá: le contamos cómo aplicar

Foreign investments continue to contribute to the recovery of employment in Bogota. Two companies are looking for bilingual talent in the capital for the development of their operations, Prodigious, from France and Lean Solutions Group, from the United States.

International companies established in Bogota continue to contribute to the economic and social development of the Colombian capital by generating new jobs. According to estimates of the foreign investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota, in the first three months of the year alone, 20 projects that arrived to the capital generated approximately 1,000 direct jobs, which are vital in the midst of the recovery the city wants to experience due to the current pandemic. 

Most of the jobs generated by foreign investment are associated with service companies, including software development, business consulting and process outsourcing.

Currently, companies in the information technology and service outsourcing sectors are looking for human talent in the city, as there are about 750 job vacancies available. One of the companies with job offers is the French company Prodigious, which currently has 500 positions open for the whole country under the remote work modality.

Natalia Botero, Regional Talent Acquisition Lead of the company, highlights that the available vacancies include professional areas such as design, business administration, communications, psychology, advertising, economics, systems engineering, industrial engineering, statistics, mathematics, among others.

Those interested in finding out about the vacancies for bilingual employees available at Prodigious can access through this link. 

On the other hand, the U.S. company Lean Solutions Group, focused on providing solutions to North American logistics and transportation companies, has approximately 250 vacancies for bilingual personnel with a degree in business administration, international business, foreign trade, finance, economics, accounting, industrial engineering or international relations and related fields.

“Also, the staff with studies in modern languages and experience in customer service and / or sales is highly valued, as well as high school graduates with experience in the BPO sector,” according to Daniela Muñoz, brand ambassador of Lean Solutions Group, who added that those interested in learning about the vacancies can register on the website www.leangroup.com, where company specialists analyze the profiles and match them with the available jobs.

By the end of 2021, the company expects to reach 6,000 employees in the entire country. “In Bogota we want to reach at least 2,500 employees and be able to offer our partners a variety of profiles that complement each other. We faithfully believe in the great professional talent that exists in the country’s capital, therefore we have great expectations on this division,” Muñoz points out.

Invest in Bogota, as part of its commitment to the economic development and recovery of employment in the city, has created a section on its website dedicated to highlight the vacancies offered by international companies operating in the city. Those interested in learning more about this can visit the site: https://es.investinbogota.org/empleo, where people can find more than 20,000 openings available.

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