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Bogota Audiovisual Market will be held in Bogotá from July 10 to 14. In its eighth edition, it will offer national projects in development, finished films and services related to audiovisual production.

BAM will allow those who are part of the chain of the country’s audiovisual industry (crew, actors, directors, producers, distributors, etc.) to form business partnerships with national and international distributors, sales agents, producers and television channels, among others.

Activities will be carried out during the event, which will allow everyone to interact in academic environments and social and business meetings to create new business partnerships.

BAM’s main activities are:

BAM Talks:

There will be 18 talks and six modules where attendees can acquire greater knowledge of the film industry. Guests include: Steven Raphael, founder of Required Viewing; Bryan Glick, Director of Acquisitions and Theatrical Distribution at the Film Collaborative; Sigrid Jonsson, Producer at the Danish Film Institute (Det Danske Filminstitut); and Gabo Arora, Creative Director at United Nations HQ.


This is a social opportunity for the professional interaction of attendees to create these business partnerships. Some of the activities include: BAM Brunch, happy hours and parties.

Big Top:

For the second time at BAM, services companies and brands will have a space to promote their services and products, and carry out activations and/or launches during the event.

This year, BAM will be held at the chamber of commerce's business center, Chapinero branch, at Gimnasio Moderno and at Multiplex Cine Colombia Av. Chile.





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