16 de April 2021

Companies, government entities and civil society come together to show that "Bogota is stronger"

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The launch of the campaign 'Bogota is stronger: Ideas and projects that strengthen the city', promoted by Invest in Bogota, had the participation of the Mayor of Bogota, Claudia López; the president of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Nicolás Uribe Rueda, as well as representatives of companies and entities that spoke about their projects to support the development of the Colombian capital.

Bogota is stronger

More than 30 representatives of companies, public entities, governments, and social organizations gathered at the launch of the campaign 'Bogota is stronger: Ideas and projects that strengthen the city', an initiative led by Invest in Bogota that seeks, in one of the most critical moments of the pandemic, highlighting the main strengths of the city, as well as those who work every day to make it more productive.

The Mayor of Bogota, Claudia López, participated in the launch of the campaign and commented that "this is a difficult time due to the third peak of the pandemic, but" it is also a good occasion to celebrate, although it may seem otherwise, because Bogota is stronger”.

In her speech, Claudia López, highlighted the role that businessmen and entrepreneurs have played to reinvent themselves and continue the path of economic recovery. “That collective effort, that civic culture is what underpins the resilience of Bogota, what makes us stronger. But also, the ability to transform, to innovate, and I believe that, in this, our businessmen and entrepreneurs are making a huge effort, "commented the Mayor of the city.

Regarding the strengths that the city has as an epicenter of economic development, the Mayor mentioned, “many companies are arriving, they are innovating, they are investing, because they know that many transformations, which perhaps we had not done for many years, we are doing it right now”.

Nicolás Uribe Rueda, president of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, was also part of this webinar and highlighted the value of the city's business fabric as one of the reasons why Bogota is stronger. “At the end of March, the date on which the renovations of the commercial registration were completed, about 460,000 renewals were carried out between companies and commercial establishments, results that show us the resilience of these entrepreneurs and their unwavering commitment to leave. forward”, he assured.

He added that between April and December 2020, more than 740,000 jobs were recovered in Bogota, of the more than 1.1 million that had been lost due to the pandemic. And despite the crisis, in 2020 about 75,000 companies were created in the Bogota Region; this meant 27% of the total for the country.


Why is Bogotá stronger?

As highlighted by Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, the Colombian capital managed to attract 30 investment projects for more than 114 million dollars last year through the work of its investment promotion agency, projects that will generate more 5,000 direct jobs that will support the economic recovery and social development of the city.

“Bogota is also strong thanks to factors such as its airport, the first in the region for cargo volumes, for having an economy that expects growth of more than 6% in 2021, for the long list of infrastructure projects that it will develop over the next few years, and, especially, Bogota is stronger for its people, for that workforce of more than 6 million people that has faced this pandemic and that, with the help of investment, public policies and the city's business community, is going to be fundamental for the economic recovery that we all yearn for, ”said Pérez.

The full video of the webinar, including the panels on entrepreneurship, culture, tourism and citizen initiatives, can be consulted through the Invest in Bogota YouTube channel.