04 de Marzo 2021

Invest in Bogota, ally for the economic reactivation of the capital in 2021

Bogota's News

The city's investment promotion agency received a visit from Mayor Claudia López, who received details of the strategies with which Invest in Bogotá is accompanying the arrival of new investment projects in sectors of great relevance to the city.

Business in Bogota

Bogotá is working for economic reactivation, a task that the investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota supports through strategies to attract high-value projects that connect the supply and demand of human talent, with constant accompaniment to private projects and Public Works.

The Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López Hernández, highlighted the role of this public-private alliance that works for the transformation of the city.

The Mayor of Bogotá assured that the key to economic reactivation is in the application of the vaccination plan, "this is the critical semester, and therefore, we have to advance in vaccination. So far, we have progressed satisfactorily, the vaccine that they give us, the vaccine that we apply. With vaccines we save lives and jobs”.

López insisted on the importance of betting on the training of young people and women in the city. "In this city people do not give up".
She left a couple of tasks to continue advancing in the reactivation process: “We have to do bootcamps for women, those that are pertinent, and dialogue with the U-Challenge Education team because we have to see how we put more incentives for them to those 20 thousand places, 5 thousand remain in careers with greater entrepreneurship and greater demand”.

As part of the DespachAndo, the executive director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez, presented some of the main objectives for 2021, as well as the most important achievements that the investment promotion agency has achieved since the beginning of its operations in the year 2006.

Reactivating employment
One of the fronts on which Invest in Bogota has concentrated its efforts since 2020, especially due to the effect of the pandemic on the city's economy, has been the generation of spaces in which established international companies can connect with human talent. they require to guarantee their operations in the capital.

As part of this work, which has been accompanied by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the District Secretariat for Economic Development, three virtual employment fairs were held last year, spaces in which more than 30,000 attendees participated where presented more than 20,000 vacancies.

Investment projects
Despite the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus, Bogota has received new investment and expansion projects in sectors such as life sciences, infrastructure, value-added manufacturing, creative industries, and IT and BPO.

In the midst of the current situation, Invest in Bogota works so that the city receives new companies that are looking for strategic locations in markets close to their geographical areas of operation (nearshoring), as well as companies that with their projects facilitate compliance of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It has also presented to international infrastructure companies some of the main public projects such as Accesos Norte, ALO Sur or PTAR Canoas, which will open bidding this year and which will be essential for economic reactivation.

In 2020, the investment promotion agency accompanied the arrival of 30 new investment and expansion projects for about 114 million dollars, projects that will generate more than 5,000 direct jobs for the city.