19 de February 2021

Korean Wontech established in Colombia its first training center for Latin America

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The company, with operations in Korea, Japan, China, the United States and now Colombia, selected Bogota as the starting point for its regional expansion.

Wontech Inc., se established in Bogotá

Attracted by the size of the market, the reputation of local medical talent, and the rise of Colombia's cosmetic and personal care industry, the Korean firm Wontech Inc., established in Bogota a clinic for dermatological procedures and a training center for medical personnel from Latin America.

With 20 years of operations, the multinational specializes in manufacturing laser medical devices, ultrasound and radiofrequency products, for dermatological treatments, hair and cosmetic surgeries that are exported to more than 80 countries. It also has its own clinics and offices in South Korea, Japan, China, the United States and, since last year, in Colombia.

For Seung-woo Song, president of Wontech Inc, mentioned, “Colombia is the center and the gateway to Latin America, the country is a benchmark in the industry related to health, beauty, and cosmetics. This is the place where we had to be to support this interesting market and region. Here we have one of our most important clinics in the world."

“This is a clear example of the diversification of sectors and the multiple development poles Colombia offers as a dynamic business destination, and for the relocation of operations that seek to be closer to its target and consumer markets in the region. We foresee a great success in the growth of Wontech in our country”, stated Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Among the reasons that influenced the decision of choosing Bogota, are the business environment, connectivity, size of the city, and the facilities to invest.
"The importance that Wontech is giving to its operation in Bogota as part of its regional strategy, ratifies the potential of the city as a training hub for companies in the health sector," said Juan Gabriel Perez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, who also recalled that the Colombian capital represents more than 75 % of the sales of medical devices and concentrates 50 % of the manufacturing companies in this sector.

With an initial investment of more than one million dollars, the training center in Bogota allows training of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, obstetrician gynecologists and aesthetic doctors in the use of new equipment and aesthetic laser treatments. This center is targeted to Colombian and Latin American professionals.

“We are sure that the next step will be to attract doctors from Europe and the United States to be trained in the country, with which we seek to position Colombia as a destination for professional training, business and tourism. We are clear about the need to establish ties with the medical society of each country to join forces to offer added value to patients”, adds Seung-woo.

By 2021, the company expects to train more than 150 foreign doctors in Bogota. The company is already studying a possible expansion to Medellin or Mexico City.

Korea is the third largest Asian investor in Colombia. According to official reports from Colombia’s central bank, in the last decade the country received investments for more than US$ 185 million, figure that may be even higher given that many Korean investments have entered through subsidiaries of companies located in third markets in North America and Latin America. Companies such as LG, Netmarble, Tracom, Rans, Samsung, among others, operate in the co