21 de November 2012

After a few months in Bogota, Dafiti has won an innovation award

The arrival of Dafiti attests to the fact that foreign companies feel increasingly safer to invest in Bogota, and that e-commerce in Colombia is an alternative with a high-growth potential.

Invest in Bogota, the investment promotion agency for the city, contributed to Dafiti's decision making process when choosing to invest in Bogota.


Dafiti, an e-commerce company specializing in fashion has been operating in Bogota since May of this year, and already boasts some high impact results. This on-line store with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, continued with its expansion plans for Latin America, materializing its investment in Bogota to attend the Colombian market. Users of can find over 6.000 products (among shoes, accessories and clothing) from the most renowned national and international brands.
Stefan Krautwald, Dafiti's Regional Director for Latin America, states:  "In the short time since we started our operations in Bogota, we have already experienced amazing results: Dafiti's Colombian portal logs thousands of visits per day, with an record average browsing time, which places it among the best ranked in, above sites which have been in the e-commerce market for years. Furthermore, Dafiti Colombia was recognized as the most innovative e-commerce and e-business company in Colombia; an award given by the Latin American E-Commerce Institute".
Adriana Suarez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, comments: "Dafiti's investment decision shows, once more, that Bogota is a great place to establish innovative e-commerce operations, on account of its access to markets, its strategic location, its availability of a skilled and qualified labor force, and its competitive costs. I celebrate Dafiti's arrival in Bogota, as this corporate decision is a confirmation to us of the huge potential for growth in e-commerce in the city".

Krautwald concludes:  "The Colombian environment was very promising for us (...) not just on account of the economic period that the country is experiencing.  According to studies from Euro Monitor International, between 2005 and 2010, electronic sales in the country grew by 14%, reaching $465 billion Colombian pesos, and expectations are that this market will continue to grow stronger by 15% in coming years, with sales close to $950 billion pesos in 2015.  Furthermore, according to ComScore, 57% of Internet users in Colombia are on-line buyers.  It is expected that, by 2013, on-line sales in Colombia will see a significant increase, on account of the contribution made in this sense by companies such as Dafiti".