What are the benefits of working in multinationals located in Bogota and other cities in the country?

Date: 9 September, 2021
¿Cuáles son los beneficios de trabajar en multinacionales ubicadas en Bogotá y otras ciudades del país?

Companies such as Claro, Coca-Cola Femsa, Schlumberger, Medtronic, Sitel Group and JazzPlat, as well as local companies, presented during the most recent Invest in Bogota virtual employment roundtable the most important incentives they offer to their employees, as well as the details about all of the more than 12,000 vacancies they currently have available in Bogota and other Colombian capitals.

 In the midst of the new reality caused by the pandemic, the labor market is increasingly valuing the so-called emotional salary, which contemplates the non-economic retribution to which a collaborator can have access while being part of a company. 

Moreover, in addition to the salary, when it comes to choosing a job, many potential employees take into account aspects such as personal growth, the development of new skills, and the possibility of contributing to society through their work.

During the most recent Invest in Bogota virtual employment roundtable, a dozen companies presented the benefits they offer to employees in the capital and other cities in the country. Companies such as Claro, Coca-Cola Femsa, Schlumberger, Medtronic, Sitel Group, Stargate, Lean Solutions and JazzPlat, in addition to local companies, presented those benefits that differentiate them in today’s job market.

Training and growth: one of the benefits included in many companies today is the opportunity for employees to be trained in technical and emotional skills, which enable their personal and professional development. Additionally, this professional growth is valued by companies, as they increasingly promote their employees to fill new vacancies before recruiting new talent in the market.

Effort recognition: some of the companies participating in the Virtual Employment Roundtable highlighted that within their emotional benefit programs they include recognition for employees who achieve better results and are identified with the corporate values. In a situation like the one posed by the pandemic, companies tend to recognize that this type of benefits help their employees to feel valued and motivated.

On-site and remote work models: Hybrid work models, driven by the pandemic, are becoming a constant in many companies. This, in many cases, ends up becoming a benefit for employees who can work remotely, who can now invest the time they used to spend commuting to their offices in a different way, achieving a better balance between work and personal life.

Health services and incentives: although not necessarily part of the emotional salary, benefits such as health policies and performance bonuses are valued by employees and are part of the packages offered by many international companies. These financial benefits also includes support for professional development through the financing of graduate and postgraduate studies.

More than 12,000 new vacancies available

 During the 6th Invest in Bogota virtual employment roundtable, the participating companies presented an offer of more than 12,000 job vacancies available in Bogota and other cities in the country.

“With our job fairs, we seek that more people from Bogotá have access to quality jobs, thus generating better socioeconomic conditions and boosting the growth that the city has been registering,” said Mauricio Romero, executive director of invest in Bogota, who emphasized that the capital is leading the recovery of employment at the national level. 

DANE figures show that the number of employed people in Colombia between July 2020 and July 2021 increased by 2.92 million people, while for Bogota this number increased by 0.66 million people. In other words, Bogota contributed with 22.6% of the jobs created in Colombia.

Invest in Bogota’s employment roundtables, which are also supported by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the District Secretary of Economic Development, aim to connect international and national companies with the best talent available in the city. 

The vacancies that were presented at the 6th Virtual Employment Roundtable, as well as the offers that are still available from previous days, are listed in the employment section of the Invest in Bogota website. This space also has all the videos with the presentations of the companies participating in the event.

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