10 de May 2017

BOGOSHORTS takes the cream of Colombian short films and the name of Bogota on a world tour

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The Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, after having dedicated in its most recent edition a historical retrospective of the winners of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, moved to France in the framework of the biggest and important celebration of the shorts in the world .

BOGOSHORTS takes the cream of Colombian short films and the name of Bogota on a world tour

During the first half of 2017, the BOGOSHORTS Movement sealed partnerships for participation in multiple scenarios of the international film festival circuit, thanks to which it continues to consolidate itself as the main and most consistent manager of the promotion and expansion of the Colombian short film throughout the world. With a repeat visit to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, and new stops on the BOGOSHORTS world tour in Finland, Germany and Canada, it is looking for more personalities and institutions in the film industry internationally to appreciate the quality of production in short the country.

BOGOSHORTS in Clermont-Ferrand: Screens, selects, tastes and records

The ‘Colombian Focus’ of the past 39th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival from February 3 to 11, is part of the ongoing work involved in the international promotion of Colombian films

undertaken by Proimágenes Colombia with the support of the Film Development Fund (Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico), and on this special occasion dedicated to the national short film with the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, as a strategic ally.

This focus contemplated multiple productions and activities where 33 short films selected by the Festival stood out as part of a retrospective of Colombian production between 2007 and 2016, four productions in official competition, screenings of three short films in post-production in the festival market and a delegation of about 30 professionals from the domestic industry who reported back on this great moment being experienced today by the Colombian short film.

This group of representatives of the future of Colombian cinema participated in activities and spaces such as the 32nd Marché du Film Court, the largest market in the world for selling and trading short films, where Colombia had a stand and offered a happy hour for industry members present; L'Atelier, a training space directed by the Sauve qui peut le court métrage festival organization, École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture and École Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont-Ferrand; and Euro Connection, the European co-production forum which opened its doors this year to Colombian producers. In addition it was the first time that Colombia organized an event to celebrate the national short, an event held at Le Fotomat gallery which welcomed 300 guests of all nationalities who participated in the festival.

Having devoted its latest edition to a historical retrospective of the winners of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, displaying its more than 39 years of fantastic posters and with Antoine López, a founding member of the Festival, as a member of the jury, the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, also traveled to France as part of the largest and most important short film celebration in the world, to continue with its task of publicizing and promoting Colombian talent and short film narrative in all possible latitudes.

The first stop in Clermont-Ferrand was the retrospective exhibition BOGOSHORTS s'expose, which presented a special selection of works that were part of the exhibition section of the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS in 2015 and 2016, a space that seeks to connect the short film with other artistic expressions. From February 4 to 25 at Sala Gaillard, BOGOSHORTS s'expose featured photographs of the Bogota sabe a cine exhibition, in which 18 Colombian photographers capture moments that reflect the cinematic nature of the Colombian capital and

potential of the city as a space for the development of film genres; and a selection of illustrations from BOGOSHORTS ilustrado where 15 Colombian graphic artists interpret with their own style the principles that guide the vocation of BOGOSHORTS: love f the short film, love of movies and love of the city. These exhibitions have the support of the Bogota Film Commission.

In addition to this torrent of images that displayed Colombian talent even beyond cinema, BOGOSHORTS tv,the Festival’s audiovisual program for the release of Colombian short films, teamed up with La Brasserie du Court, the official blog of the Clermont- Ferrand Festival to record and through video clips disseminate the overwhelming presence of Colombia in the most important event in the international spectrum of short film.

In addition, inspired by the BOGOSHORTS degusta section of the Colombian short film festival, Ciné Foodwas held in Clermont-Ferrand, an evening dedicated to enjoying the communion between cinema and gastronomy in the Smørrebrød restaurant, where Colombian-focus shorts transformed into delicious dishes to awaken the senses.


The BOGOSHORTS world tour makes its first stops in Finland and Germany

BOGOSHORTS world tour is an initiative of BOGOSHORTS Movement and the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS for the international promotion of Colombian talent in the short film format. This program, established in 2013, has established itself as a platform for the international aspirations of Colombian filmmakers and their works in forums as diverse as Brazil, Panama, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Lithuania and Australia.

The tour began in 2017 with a focus on Colombian short films at the 47th Tampere Film Festival, Finland, held from March 8 to 12. This festival is one of the main platforms for Finnish filmmakers, with national and international short film competitions, special programs, retrospectives, conferences and workshops for film industry professionals. Based on an alliance between the Festival and the BOGOSHORTS Movement and as part of the BOGOSHORTS world tour program, three different and exciting short film programs were developed for this edition to highlight the positive state of film production in Colombia and connect our production with the vitality of the Finnish short films.

The programs included Tierra escarlata by Jesus Reyes (2012), Nelsa by Felipe Guerrero (2014), El silencio habita en tu ventana by Cecilia Traslaviña (2010), Los retratos by Iván D. Gaona (2012), Kalashnikov by Juan Sebastian Mesa (2012), 1982 by Cristina Motta (2015), Carne by Carlos Gómez Salamanca (2013), Completo by Iván D. Gaona (2014), Pichirilo by Daniel Sánchez (2016), Viste a Cristina el 7 de marzo by Maritza Blanco (2012), Solecito by Oscar Ruiz Navia (2013), Bogota, Bacatá, yo que sé… by Juan Andrés Rodríguez (2014), Sara by Ingrid Pérez Lopéz (2015), La niña de la buseta by Pedro Pío (2015), El Edén by Andrés Ramírez Pulido (2016) and Leidi by Simón Mesa Soto (2014).

Significantly, Jaime E. Manrique, director of the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS and founder and director of Laboratorios Black Velvet, an integrated cinema management company, was a member of the International Competition jury at the Tampere Film Festival.

The next stop on the BOGOSHORTS world tour was the Colombian Film Festival in Berlin, Panorama Colombia. The main purpose of this event is to welcome the Berliners and the German public in general to the diversity, authenticity and quality of Colombian cinema. BOGOSHORTS came to Berlin accompanied by a special selection of short films and documentaries that were part of the National Competition of last year's festival, held from December 6 to 13.

Among these were, in the fiction program, 7ún3l by Klych Lopez, Genaro by Jesús Reyes and Andrés Porras, Teiko by Daniel Ochoa, Los pasos del agua by César Acevedo, Pichirilo by Daniel Alberto Sánchez Rodríguez and La niña de la buseta by Pedro Pío, winner of the Santa Lucía prize for Best Fiction Short Film, Best Director and Best Actress at the 14th BOGOSHORTS Festival. For its part, the documentary program consisted of La Favorita by María Fernanda Ariza Orozco, Caminitos por el parque by Daniela Anaya Robayo, Verde Manzana by Ana María Ferro Gómez, Categoría V by Camilo Agudelo Gómez and Piel de Cemento by Daniel Gómez Restrepo.

Continuing on its tour of the world, the Bogota Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS was invited to participate in the Short Film Market at the 21st International Short Film Festival of Saguenay, Canada. This is an important gathering of filmmakers, institutions, producers, distributors,

buyers and programmers which contributes to the worldwide promotion of the short film format, which has a video library of over 1,200 shorts and a rich scheduling of industry encounters.