Bogota shows at Expo Dubai the reasons that make it the best city for business and entrepreneurship in Latin America

Date: 22 March, 2022

During the week, representatives of Invest in Bogota, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the national government are present at the international trade fair to identify new business opportunities for the city.

City authorities, special guests and representatives of the Colombian delegation to Expo Dubai 2020 are meeting this week at the world’s most important trade fair, where Bogota will present to thousands of visitors the strengths that make it the best investment destination in Latin America.

The Colombian capital has been present at this international event to identify investment opportunities, promote major infrastructure projects and expose to the world its export and tourism offer, while promoting world-class ventures that are in search of investment.

“Bogota’s presence at the Expo has allowed potential investors from around the world to learn about those differentiating aspects that make Bogota an inclusive, diverse and entrepreneurial city, characteristics that contribute to making the Colombian capital the best investment destination in Latin America,” said Isabella Muñoz, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota.

Tuesday’s agenda included the Colombia – UAE Investment Forum, organized by Invest in Bogota, to inform the business delegation of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce about investment opportunities from the United Arab Emirates.

This event was attended by Isabella Muñoz, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota; Nicolas Uribe, President of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce; Flavia Santoro, President of Procolombia; Saad Ishtiaq, Representative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce; and representatives of private equity and venture capital funds.

As part of its final week in Dubai, the city is participating in the Global Business Forum Latam, a space in which countries from Latin America, the Caribbean and the Arab Gulf States explore synergies and opportunities for economic cooperation. Bogota will be part of the more than 800 delegations from over 50 countries that will be present at the event.

The city’s agenda at expo Dubai, which is accompanied by representatives of entities such as ProColombia, also includes meetings with representatives of international investment funds, investment promotion agencies, companies that may be interested in expanding their operations in the country and in Latin America, as well as government entities and the dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Bogota is the main destination for Foreign Direct Investment coming to Colombia from the Middle East, which includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, among others.

Invest in Bogota figures show that in the last decade a dozen new investment and expansion projects from the Middle East have arrived in Colombia for more than 81 million dollars. Bogota was the destination of more than 70% of these projects, making it the main focus of Middle Eastern investment in the country.

A closing to show the best face of the city

Bogota’s agenda in Dubai includes a special event with which the city wants to show those attending the Colombia pavilion some of the features that make it a star city.  The show, in which the Bogota brand will be the protagonist, will feature artistic interventions to be carried out together with DreamMaster Enterteinment, a company from Bogota that produces shows in the Arab Emirates.

This staging is complemented by a representation of the city in augmented reality created by the Bogota agency Traffic, specialized in special effects, animation and post-production, which will allow attendees to experience what it is like to live a day in one of the most active cities on the continent.

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