Bogota, epicenter of the audiovisual industry in Colombia

Bogota Audiovisual Market
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Bogota has fast become the audiovisual epicenter of the country with the highest concentration of production infrastructure and professionals in Colombia. In the capital there are 74 film and TV recording studios, the leading companies in the sector being Caracol, RCN, FoxTelecolombia, RTI and Televideo, and over the last decade more than 55,000 professionals, technicians and technologists have graduated in different areas of the creative industries associated with audiovisual crafts.

Juan Gabriel Pérez, director of Invest in Bogota, explains: "After Mexico, Colombia is the second Spanish-speaking market in the Americas for the television industry. Bogota is able to serve this market so well thanks to the presence of major players and television and movie studios, such as FoxTelecolombia, Sony, Grupo Cisneros, Netflix, among others, who are producing more and more audiovisual content for the entire Hispanic market. "

Pérez goes on to say: "As a stage for national productions and foreign co-productions, the city has grown exponentially: while in 2004 it produced just 6 films, 22 were made here in 2014. Of all the co-productions filmed over the last 10 years, 45% were made together with producers from Spain, Argentina and France."

According to fDi Markets, among major international companies investing in new projects in Bogota between 2003 and 2014 are: Grupo Cisneros, with an investment of USD 250 million and the creation of an estimated 3,000 jobs; DirecTV, with an investment of USD 101.5 million and the creation of an estimated 1,825 jobs; and Chilefilms, with an investment of USD 12 million and an estimated 39 new jobs.

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David Madden, President of Fox Television Studios, says: "I would tell anyone, without reservation, to come to Colombia. It's a great place to shoot. The speed with which [Colombians] have responded to our needs and wishes has been remarkable. I've been in this industry for over 30 years, I’ve filmed in many countries, and cannot remember a better experience than the one I've had in Colombia."

Bogota has identified and promoted a special disposition and compelling value proposition for the creative industries sector, with initiatives that harness creativity and talent to transform great new ideas into business opportunities. The city has a young population, it is multicultural and has a highly skilled workforce of 4.5 million people. Bogota serves as a gateway to a market of over 500 million people in Latin America, not counting the 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States. Moreover, the cultural diversity of the city and its neutral Castilian Spanish are a tremendous advantage when communicating to all markets in Latin America. All of this, plus the institutional support offered by Proimágenes, Mincultura, guilds and associations, lay the foundations for high growth potential in the sector.

The fifth version of the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM) has brought together hundreds of international producers, in yet another example of the excellent positioning of Bogota as a regional hub for audio-visual production.