Bogota to experience a new edition of the Forum on International Public-Private Partnerships for Health.

APP en Salud para Bogota

The Second Forum on International Public-Private Partnerships in Health for Bogota is to be held in Bogota from February 19 to 21. This Forum has positioned itself as the most important meeting in Colombia in terms of health infrastructure PPPs. The event is being organized for the second year by the Office of the Mayor of Bogota and the District Department of Health and will be held at the Salitre headquarters of the capital’s Chamber of Commerce.

Hospital PPPs is aimed primarily at companies that design, construct and supply hospitals, investment banking, consulting and advisory services. The event is expected to develop and implement, with the participation of more than 600 people from different countries, a program for the modernization of Bogota’s hospital infrastructure which, for the first time in Colombia’s health sector history, will use the Public-Private Partnership mechanism.

This time around, the Forum will feature national and international experts in the field as well as national and district authorities such as the Mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Alejandro Gaviria and Michael Donovan, Director of Currie & Brown Colombia, among others.

During the three-day Bogota Health event, experts on three panels will be heard, covering the following topics:

Panel 1

The event’s first panel will discuss the institutional context for health PPPs in Bogota, with an international focus. For this, the invited speakers are: 

  • The Mayor of Bogota, Enrique Penalosa.
  • Juan Martin Caicedo Ferrer, CEO of the Colombian Infrastructure Chamber.
  • Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Health and Social Protection.
  • Luis Fernando Mejía, Director of the National Planning Department.

Panel 2

The topics discussed by this panel will be risk allocation and management; Bogota PPP health contracts; and uncertainty and recommendations. This session will project an international vision thanks to the following guests: 

  • Ignacio Astorga, a leading health specialist at the Interamerican Development Bank.
  • Miguel Donovan, Director of Currie & Brown Colombia.
  • Ari Skromne, representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Panel 3

The last panel will discuss investment banking, its main themes being the bankability of PPPs for Bogota and the investment climate. On this occasion, the speakers are:

  • Clemente del Valle, President of Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN).
  • Beatriz Elena Arbeláez, Secretary of the Bogota District Department of Finance.
  • Richard Cabello, infrastructure manager and advisor for Latin America of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group.
  • Santiago Montenegro, President of ASOFONDOS.