Bogota promotes entrepreneurship and investment opportunities at Expo Dubai 2020

Date: 26 January, 2022

From January 24 to 28, the city will present to investors, capital funds and government entities from the Middle East some of the multisectoral projects in which it offers investment opportunities, as well as the characteristics of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem of the capital.

Bogota will be present at the most important business meeting in the world, Expo Dubai 2020, where the capital of the country has been developing an agenda aimed at attracting investment, promoting major infrastructure projects, generating new business partnerships and promoting the capital’s export and tourism offer.

On this occasion, the city’s representation at Expo Dubai will be led by Maria Isabella Muñoz, executive director of the investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota, who for five days will hold meetings with representatives of private equity fund managers interested in investing in the region, companies that may be interested in expanding their operations in the country and in Latin America, as well as government entities and the dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem.

“Bogota has to take advantage of this international window to strengthen trade relations with markets that are of great relevance and in which we have not historically positioned ourselves,” explains María Isabella Muñoz, who will be present at Expo Dubai from January 24 to 28.

The director of Invest in Bogota also adds that the city’s participation in this international trade fair is aimed at attracting investments from strategic markets such as the African Middle East and South Asia (MEASA), specifically for more than 25 multisectoral projects in the mobility and infrastructure sectors, such as, for example, the second line of the Bogota Metro, CANOAS, Bronx Creative District, among others.

“We are positioning the city as a benchmark in sustainability, competitiveness and tourism. In addition, we are working to strengthen alliances and international cooperation with strategic actors to generate resource mobilization, agendas and activities for the benefit of the city, its businessmen and entrepreneurs,” said Carolina Durán, Bogota’s Secretary of Economic Development.

In terms of entrepreneurship and innovation, the city hopes to showcase the strengths that have made it one of the main markets in Latin America, as well as the investment opportunities offered by the dynamic local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In this way, Bogota continues with its agenda at Expo Dubai, which began with the presence of Secretary Carolina Durán, last November 2021, and thanks to which important advances have been made, such as the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the District Secretariat of Economic Development (SDDE) to become part of the Global Council of Innovative Entities. In addition, Bogota will host the next session this year 2022.

Approaches were also made to important investment funds and discussions were initiated for Colombia to become a resident country in the Area 2071 incubator, which means that 10 Colombian ventures will reside in Dubai and receive financing and training. Over the coming months, the city will continue to be present at Expo Dubai 2021 in the Colombia pavilion, and will participate in events such as the Global Business Forum Latin America 2022 in March.

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