12 de June 2015

Bogota Launches a New Version of its Specialized Mobile Device Application for Foreign Investors

Bogota Launches a New Version of its Specialized Mobile Device Application for Foreign Investors

Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, explains: “The first version of the Invest in Bogota application, which was available in Spanish and English for iOS and Android operating systems, exceeded our expectations in terms of downloads. Application users can find latest information regarding sectors offering investment opportunities, city updates, the advantages of investing in Bogota, comparative figures with respect to other Latin American cities, an events schedule, and points of interest for investors. Users can also request tailor-made information, contact a specialist investment officer, and download information sheets.

Mr. Pérez continues, “The Colombian capital is now an attractive place for foreign investment since it boasts one of the most dynamic markets in the region and the greatest growth potential in the continent. It offers competitive advantages for business, exceeding those of its Latin American peers due to its economic strength, highly qualified human talent, favorable business environment, privileged geographical location, access to markets, and quality of life.”

Invest in Bogota has been leading Bogota’s investment promotion strategy for eight years, employing an innovative business model for its public–private component. At the time of its establishment in 2006, 679 companies in Bogota had foreign capital. By last year, the number had increased to 1,519.

Mr. Pérez concludes, “Since 2007, the agency has supported 185 foreign companies in new projects, which have involved an estimated total investment of USD 1.3 million and the generation of approximately 18,620 jobs. In 2014, Invest in Bogota facilitated the arrival of 38 projects, distributed among sectors as follows: services for the petroleum and gas industry (24%), IT & shared services (21%), business services and consulting (13%), biotechnology and medical equipment (10%), tourism and infrastructure (11%), pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (8%), other manufacturing industries (5%), and other (8%). These projects originated in a range of countries: United States (21%), Spain (13%), Brazil (8%), France (8%), Chile (5%), England (5%) and other (40%).”

Download the latest version of the Invest in Bogota application for Android and iOS.