17 de Julio 2012

Bogotá looks for investment in Mexico

Auto Parts

    Bogotá is a competitive destination for investments in industrial sectors. 52% of the Colombian auto parts sector is located in Bogotá. Bogotá is the country with the largest development of construction projects. The plastics sector in Colombia has maintained positive growth.



The Invest in Bogota foreign investment promotion team is this week in Mexico City increasing awareness of Bogotá´s investment opportunities for the sectors of: auto parts, plastics and construction materials.  Mexico is a target country for the promotion of these sectors due to its great industrial and manufacturing tradition. 
Adriana Suárez, Executive Director at Invest in Bogota explains: “Bogotá is a very interesting destination to invest in the industrial sector, thanks to its competitive structure of costs and the available and trained human resource.

At the same time, the automotive, plastics and construction material industries are prioritized for the promotion of investment towards the Colombian capital”. 

Auto parts Sector in Bogotá

The 52% of the Colombian Auto parts sector is located in Bogotá with sales of approximately $US 1,780 million.  The automotive Colombian sector moves about US$13,500 million, with an annual average growth during (2006-2010) of a 9%.  The annual demand of vehicles tripled in Colombian, reaching its peak in 2011.

Bogotá concentrates the 46% of the total sales in the country, followed by Medellín and Cali with a 13% and 10% respectively.   In addition, Bogotá is an excellent opportunity for the assembly of cargo vehicles, since the 90% of the country cargo is moved by land moving about 130 million tons per year.


Construction materials

The Colombian construction sector has continuously and positively grown, being Bogotá the Colombian city with the highest number of projects being currently developed. It concentrates the 38% of the built area at a national level during the first quarter of 2012, represented mainly in housing projects and corporative infrastructure.

In addition, the construction of hotels reflects the economic growth, reporting a 17% increase for the first 2012 quarter when compared to the same quarter for last year. 

Plastics Sector

The Colombian plastics sector has kept a positive growth; during the 2011 its economic income was higher than US$3,500 million.  Thanks to the net of commercial agreements, Bogotá is the ideal platform to satisfy the Colombian and regional market.

In other respects, the plastics sector is modern and competitive at the capital, with important expansions into the external market, differentiated products, technological innovations and not very high competition levels within the city.

The Bogotá´s plastics industry represents the 65% of the national production, which mainly concentrates on manufacturing companies of final goods.  This is a robust industry in Bogotá, with about 700 companies at all levels of the production chain.