Bogota opens its doors to BIONOVO, the first edition of this biotechnology fair


With innovation in biodiversity and biotechnology, Bionovo will offer capital-dwellers a sample of the latest developments in the industry for the environment, cosmetics, livestock, agriculture, food and health sectors.


Thanks to events such as Bionovo, Bogota ventures into the acceleration of technology businesses that use living organisms for the production of goods or services that offer great advantages for different fields of study.

This first edition will feature activities such as a commercial sample, the Start-Up Bio contest that will promote all industry projects conceived from the venture stage and also the International Congress on Biotechnology, Global and Sustainable Business and will include two plenary sessions and four specialized rooms with a little over fifty speakers.

To register for the Congress, please go to:

The fair will allow attendees to learn about success stories in the use of biotechnology around the world, generate knowledge, share experiences and learn from international experts in the field how to improve the productivity of industries in the capital and throughout the country.

For further information on the most important names in biotechnology that will be in the first edition of the fair:

The fair will be held on October 5, 6 and 7, 2016 in CORFERIAS.