10 de September 2012

Bogotá Promotes in Perú Investment Opportunities for the Tourism

  • Bogotá is the ideal place to develop infrastructure operations for tourism. 

  • The country´s robust economic growth and its aggressive internalization strategy have called the attention of the whole world; consequently, there are more and more foreign visitors. 

  • More than 50% of the tourists that have visited Colombia chose the capital as their main destination.


Delegates of the agency for the Bogotá investment promotion will travel to Lima, Perú, to promote and present investment opportunities in Bogotá for the tourism infrastructure sector.  From the 10th to the 11th day of September, members of the investment promotion team will be at the fifth edition of the South American Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference – SAHIC-, a traditional annual international event for the promotion of business in hotels, tourism and real estate projects within our region. 
Bogotá is the ideal place to establish infrastructure operations for tourism due to its air connectivity; competitive costs; and a young labor force – there were 5,200 graduates from degrees related to tourism between 2001 and 2009.-  Additionally, this sector gets incentives such as income tax exemption for 30 years for hospitality services delivered in new, remodeled or broaden hotels, in projects executed before December 31, 2017; a 10% IVA tax for stays; exemption of IVA tax in package tours; discount in the income tax and other contributions in the payroll for the generation of employment, among others. 
Bogotá plays the main role in the boom of foreign tourists coming to Colombia as it is the business and political capital of the country. Bogotá has become the main destination of international visits.  The country went from receiving 500,000 visitors in 2002 to about one million and a half in 2011, from which 54% had Bogotá as their destination city. 
Adriana Suárez, Executive Director at Invest in Bogota, explains: “The robust economic grow of the country as well as its aggressive international strategy have called the attention of the whole world, and consequently, there are more and more foreign visitors.  This boom of visitors has promoted the arrival to Bogotá of companies from the hospitality tourism infrastructure such as Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Sonesta Collection, Hoteles Ibis, Hoteles Estelar; Radisson and JW Marriott, among others. They have been leading the interest in exploring Bogotá´s market by other companies related to different segments of this sector”. 
Since 2006 there has been an increasing tendency in the number of rooms, going from 11,000 to 16,800 in six years; there have also been changes in the offer of rooms between 2010 and 2012, maintaining a hotel occupation percentage of 65% during the last five years.