16 de Octubre 2020

Bogotá receives recognition from UN - Habitat and Smart City Expo for being an example of response in handling the pandemic

Economic recovery

The Smart City Awards, honorary jury, in collaboration with UN-Habitat in the framework of the Smart Latam Alliance, will recognize the country's capital as an example of responsible and inspiring action throughout these months of  pandemic.

At the Smart City Expo LATAM congress, the city will receive recognition that highlights the leadership and commitment of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá its early response and the prioritization of attention to most vulnerable population, among other actions.

The Smart City Expo LATAM is an event of urban and local transformation, that promotes the work and cooperation for the resilience of Latin America and its cities; and annually recognize the efforts of the region to build a more sustainable and efficient future.

“We are honored to be among the cities that face the pandemic early and responsibly. This experience encouraged us to take adversity as an opportunity and from there we established strategies to boost and promote production system, in a constant dialogue between citizens, public entities and private companies”, said Carolina Durán, district secretary of economic development.

This year, with the slogan “Resilience and planning: Shaping the future of Latin America", the event will be held digitally from October 13 - 15 and will invite reflection on initiatives, practices and solutions that improve the quality of life of people and strengthen  the economic, technological, social and environmental development of the region.

"In the midst of a reality like the one we are facing, Bogotá has continued to be an international reference and this recognition ratifies it. We are confident that the actions taken by the district administration will help the city to recover its economic growth path, and that from foreign investment we can continue to support the development of the capital," said the executive director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Perez.