09 de June 2016

The Bogota Region is positioned as the ideal platform for foreign investors at Alimentec

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14 foreign companies from the processed foods and beverages sectors, have set their sights on Colombia, attracted by its domestic market, the growing purchasing power of local consumers and the high growth potential of the industry.

The Bogota Region is positioned as the ideal platform for foreign investors at Alimentec

The meeting, organized by Invest in Bogota and ProColombia, involved a preparatory stage of two days to present trends and the potential of the sector, which generated more than 60 private meetings, organized according to the interests of the businessmen.

"Spaces such as the Investment Meeting within the framework of Alimentec, are fundamental in the creation of strategic alliances between foreign investors and businessmen from the Bogota Region and Colombia, to promote the development of the industry through high-impact projects that catapult innovation and the technification of the sector", said Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota, the investment promotion agency of the city region.

According to Felipe Jaramillo, president of ProColombia, "investors participating in Alimentec, recognize Colombia for its constant products offering, as well as its quality and variety which are allowing it to reach strategic markets such as Europe and the United States. This meeting opens new options to encourage and promote more foreign investment in a sector that between 2010 and 2015 grew by 279%, generating technology transfer, innovation, production chains and greater competitiveness for the benefit of the national agribusiness."

The processed foods and beverages industry in Colombia, is one of the industries that has the greatest potential for growth in Latin America. While per capita consumption of processed food in the region was USD 729.5 in 2015, in Colombia it was USD 428.4, which still reveals an even important market development space.

It has been estimated that the total industry sales will increase from USD 21.2 billion in 2015 to USD 35 billion in 2020. According to estimates of Euromonitor International, processed by Invest in Bogota, consumption in the domestic market will grow in the next three years by 40%.

The Bogota Region was highlighted as the core of the industry in Colombia, concentrating 43% of all sales of processed foods and beverages in the country and the headquarters of 46 of the top 100 foreign companies of the sector.

"More than 53% of the population of the Bogota Region belongs to the middle class. The per capita GDP of Bogota is USD 12,091, far higher than the national estimate of USD 7,928. This makes the Bogota market very attractive, increasingly oriented towards premium products and open to receiving new proposals in food and drinks," says Pérez.

The businessmen invited by Invest in Bogota and ProColombia come from strategic markets for attracting new investment projects such as United States, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela and Bolivia.

"Thanks to its natural advantages among them its perfect geographic location as an exporting platform, Colombia - and Bogota in particular - for the market of the east and southeast of the country, are a very interesting investment option for companies wishing to open or expand their presence in the domestic market as well as for those who want to access the markets of Central America, the Caribbean and South America," explains María Carolina Lorduy, executive director of the Food Industry Chamber of the ANDI.

Representatives of two companies that are considered examples of success of foreign investment in the sector participated in the event. "We decided to make a significant investment to capture the Colombian consumer because the evolution has been evident and offers great opportunities for products that distinguish themselves from commodities and give added value. We believe in Bogota, as a city that has evolved, both its consumer and with its retail market,” said Jose Humberto Barriga, General Manager of Dole Colombia, an American company that has been in the country for over thirty years.

Meanwhile, Albert Atkins, general director of the French company Air Liquide, which is to open a major plant in Tocancipá in late 2016 to distribute gases for the food and beverage industries, says that "Colombia is a country rich in fruits and vegetables, but it is just starting in the production, conservation and transportation industry. For us it is an opportunity to bring technology from the United States and Europe to develop the food market for domestic consumption and export.

Alimentec's Investment Meeting was held within the framework of the ninth edition of Alimentec in Corferias, which from this year on is supported by Anuga, the food fair of German origin most important in the world. It had the support of Corferias, Koelnmesse, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Food Industry Chamber of the ANDI. 

About Invest in Bogota: Invest in Bogota is the private-public agency which, based on a strategy of international positioning, actively promotes foreign investment in the city to generate business opportunities, progress, social and economic development for the people of Bogota and Colombia. Throughout its 10 years of operations, it has been classified by different institutions such as the World Bank (2009) and Site Selection Magazine (2015), as the best investment promotion agency of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Invest in Bogota is the result of an initiative between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor´s Office.




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