29 de Julio 2020

Bogotá seeks high-impact startups to build the city's entrepreneurial network

Entreprenurship network

The startups that are part of this network will be able to connect with the initiatives, programs and entities that support the entrepreneurship in the city. The initiative seeks to make the first characterization of entrepreneurship in the capital.


Bogota has positioned itself as an international capital of entrepreneurship and innovation. According to the most recent edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), the Colombian capital is the second city in Latin America in the ranking of emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems, with outstanding qualifications in aspects such as human talent, ecosystem performance, financing options and access to markets.

In the midst of the constant development of new startups and in the face of the continuous evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the city has started to build the Bogota Region entrepreneurship network, a task led by Invest in Bogota, articulator of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, and supported by strategic allies such as the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor’s Office, Connect Bogotá, Andi del Futuro, Bictia, Endeavor and Wayra, among others.

This initiative seeks to characterize the high impact startups that operate in the city and establish how they are helping to solve global problems. This network will also allow local entrepreneurs to be in contact with incubators, accelerators, angel investors, matchmaking platforms, coworking spaces and other participants in the city's ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs with high-impact value propositions based on innovation and technology; and who are also in #BogotáRegion, can be part of the entrepreneurship network by filling out the following form:ñaEmprendimiento 

“This exercise will allow the city to provide a much closer accompaniment to its startups and identify how through the different incubators, accelerators or possible investors, we can empower our startups and ensure that they receive the necessary support so that they become an engine of development of the economy of the city and the country”, highlighted the Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez.

A recent analysis by Invest in Bogota showed that the capital has 16 incubators, 13 accelerators, nearly 40 co-working spaces and more than 10 matchmaking platforms between investors and entrepreneurs, which add up to at least 28 funds and investment companies, 11 corporate ventures and 5 angel investor networks that actively participate in the processes of growth and dynamism of the ventures.