23 de April 2012

Bogotá wants to establish alliances with embassies and bi-national chambers of commerce to attract foreign investment

Bogotá focuses on its promotion strategy as a priority, facilitating the process of attracting investment in sectors of high added value: offshore and IT services, services for the oil and gas industry, agrobiotechnology and industry and manufacturing.


In order to continue with the intense agenda for the promotion of foreign investment, Adriana Suárez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, will meet this Tuesday April the 24 with a group of ambassadors and presidents of bi-national chambers of commerce based in Bogotá.

This meeting has the strategic purpose of getting closer to priority markets for attracting direct foreign investment to Bogotá, and contributing to the economic development of the city, relying on the diversification of the productive base with high value-added investments that create new opportunities for employment, encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology and facilitate the creation of bonds between local businesspeople and investors.

Invest in Bogota has focused its promotion strategy, facilitating the process for attracting investment in sectors of high value-added for Bogotá, such as offshore and IT services, services related to the petroleum and gas industry, agro-biotechnology and industry and manufacturing.

 Inflow of FDI* in Bogotá per country of origin 2011*

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* It includes neither investment in the petroleum sector nor portfolio.

Source: Banco de la República based on Investment Records. Invest in Bogota Estimates

According to the country of origin, up to the third quarter of 2011, Spain was the main country investing in Bogotá. Investment records of this European country increased to US$444,6 million, which represents a growth of 66% in relation to the same period for the former year. United States and Chile are next in the ranking of main countries investing in the city, with a participation of 9% each; Brazil is in the fourth place with 8%.