23 de Marzo 2017

British firm Endava announces USD 10 million reinvestment in Bogota


Thanks to the success of its operations in Colombia, Endava, a British IT company, recently announced its expansion plans which include a minimum investment of USD 10 million and the creation of 500 jobs in the coming years

British firm Endava announces USD 10 million reinvestment in Bogota

Endava opened its first software production center in Bogota in July 2016, with a group of no more than 10 employees. Today, after eight months of operations in Bogota, is has 70 regular employees and 30 jobs immediately available. "Our initial investment plans were for USD 4 million to start production with 100 employees in the first year and to expand to a few hundred more in the next 5 years. But thanks to the excellent experience we have had in Bogota, we have accelerated our growth plans with the acquisition of a new 5,000 m2 center that will accommodate 500 employees," says Kumail Jetha, General Manager of Endava Colombia.

The company, an IT services provider focused on software development for business development, has more than 15 years of professional experience with some of the world 's leading finance, insurance, telecommunications, media and technology companies. Endava arrived in Bogota after analyzing 7 countries and 17 cities in Latin America before establishing a new operations base that allows it to be closer to its customers in North America and Europe.

The capital was selected for its US time zone, proximity to the United States, the quality of its infrastructure and offices, excellent universities and technical colleges, availability of qualified IT employees and direct air links to London and major cities throughout the USA.

Among the achievements to be highlighted since its arrival in Bogota are the building of a software development office from scratch; the training of its first Agile team in less than two months and attention to customers in the United States with its first team in less than three months. All of this, according to Jetha, is due to the quality of the human talent found in Bogota.

"We've been able to find IT specialists from all disciplines: software development, testing, business analysis and project management. We’ve also found strong operational and financial skills," says Jetha. "From the perspective of finding talent, we chose Colombia because we feel that the engineers here have characteristics that are similar to those of our European teams: they want to learn new things, they’re open, they’re hard workers and seek excellence in what they do. I would say that our teams in Bogota have integrated well with our global teams," he added.

"Investing in Colombia has been a major decision for our expansion on the continent. Colombians are intelligent and hardworking. In addition, the city is safer than expected," says Jetha.

However, he notes that in the process the company has faced challenges such as complex tax and labor legislation, but says that these are not far removed from region standards. This contrasts with the support foreign companies receive from investment agencies such as ProColombia and Invest in Bogota, banks, financial institutions and real estate agents who have offered high-quality offices with flexible owners.

Jetha emphasizes that an important aspect for improving the investment landscape of Colombia is bilingualism. "Language training should be an integral part of university education, with the option of participating in modules taught in English. The development of additional exchange programs with American and European universities could be very helpful."

Endava aims to become one of the largest recruiters and employment generators of the IT industry thanks to incentives such as the possibility of working with international clients in different Endava offices worldwide and training through different courses and workshops. It also seeks to stimulate the knowledge network of Colombia’s IT sector through a bi-monthly meeting for engineers and members of this community with a view to sharing experiences and progress, called Bogota.Connect.IT

About Endava

Endava is a privately held IT services company with over 15 years of professional experience with some of the world's leading finance, insurance, telecommunications, media, technology and distribution companies; it has helped them in the evolution and transformation of their businesses by effectively responding to their customers’ current and future needs.

Endava has over 3,500 employees working at its different offices in the USA and Western Europe and production facilities in Colombia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

In addition to investing in long-term relationships with its customers, Endava recognizes the importance of offering challenging and rewarding careers to its workers; in this sense it has been established as the preferred employer for the best and brightest engineers worldwide.