Business capital Bogota to host Expogestión 2016

Business environment

Our capital will host an event that welcomes leaders and experts from the business world, who will present the new panorama faced by companies in an ever-changing business environment.


“The way of doing business has changed forever”, that is the motto and betting of Expogestión, which also brings over seventy international experts and the discussion of cases of business success, panels on opportunities for Colombia in a disruptive world and smart specialization strategies, among other activities.

What topics are covered in Expogestión?

The main topics that will be examined at the event are the importance of business opportunities in the mega cities, disruptive business models where technology plays an important role in reaching new consumers and technologies such as nanotechnology, 3D printing or Big Data that transform the way people consume services and goods around the globe.

Important players present at the event will include Edward L. Glaeser, professor of economics at Harvard University, an expert on urban competitiveness and ideas for economic growth; David Roberts, one of the most important voices in exponential technologies and disruptive innovation; Marco Llinas, vice president of competitiveness and shared value of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Edgar Helou, director of Google For Works for Colombia, among other speakers.