12 de September 2017

Cipla, one of the 50 companies that change the world, has established in Bogota

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Cipla settles in Bogota the headquarters of its operations to serve strategic markets such as Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean, Peru and Chile, among others

Cipla, one of the 50 companies that change the world, has established in Bogota

After a decade of presence in the Colombian market with medicines to treat respiratory problems, HIV and oncology conditions, Cipla, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and originated in India, establishes its center of operations in Bogota to serve other markets in Latin America, to get closer to the final consumer and expand its offer on the continent.

Juan Gabriel Perez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, explains: "As an investment attraction agency in Bogota, we are very proud of the destination selected by Cipla, a company that has been presented in the global pharmaceutical industry for more than 80 years and which is recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the 50 companies that change the world by developing a revolutionary HIV/AIDS drug formula at a cost of $1 a day. One out of every three HIV patients takes Cipla antiretrovirals, so their presence becomes a great opportunity for access to high-quality medicines for patients in Colombia. "

"Establishing ourselves in Bogota allows us to access excellent professional services and high quality talent, with a great capacity to absorb new ideas in a professional work environment," says Anant Atal, General Manager for Latin America. Atal highlights the strategic geographical location of the country, near the United States and key Latin American markets for the sector.

For Atal, Colombia stands out in the region for the ease of doing business and establishing foreign investment. They found in INVIMA, a fundamental support institution, with regulatory processes that facilitate the development of quality pharmaceuticals for the local consumer.

Perez continues: "Bogota-region has a great potential for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, due to the sustained growth of the market that has access from here and the amount of qualified workforce in areas related to science and research. From Bogota, companies enjoy favorable conditions promoted at a national level, as well as tax incentives for investments made in innovation business projects, as well as development and research. Likewise, Colombia is a world pioneer in pharmaceutical regulation and has one of the most competitive times in the region for approvals of sanitary registries and expiration dates".

The initial phase of the new Cipla operations is centered on a drug accessibility strategy based on the world's largest catalog of antiretrovirals approved by the FDA and the WHO to treat children and adults with HIV/AIDS and malaria. Likewise, its added value is based on medical education and logistic support to the portfolio of more than 150 products that will be handled from Colombia. This year, Cipla is hiring 20 specialists to work in the line dedicated to therapies against respiratory infections, HIV infections and oncology conditions. At a later stage, Cipla, following the philosophy of the company, will seek to provide its services at the lowest possible cost.

Founded in 1935, Cipla has a presence in nearly 100 markets including India, South Africa, The United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is the third largest pharmaceutical company in India and generic-medicines provider in South Africa, and is considered the tenth pharmaceutical company dedicated to generics with higher revenues worldwide. It currently generates revenues of two billion dollars and has the largest inhalation product portfolio in the world.