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CISCO’s most important 2014 investment: 3 high-impact projects in Bogota

  • With an investment of US$ 6 million, CISCO’s expansion plans in Colombia involve the construction of new offices in Bogota, establishment of the country’s first CISCO Customer Experience Room, and expansion of its current Cisco Networking Academy Program. 

  • CISCO’s actions are aligned with the government’s plans to reduce gaps, make technology a key tool for improving Colombians’ quality of life, promote “smart city” projects, and widen the impact of technological advances

  • This marks CISCO’s largest investment in Colombia and the most important investment of 2014 in Latin America
CISCO’s most important 2014 investment: 3 high-impact projects in Bogota

Christian Onetto, General Manager of CISCO Colombia, said: “Strengthening the presence of CISCO in Colombia aims to contribute in a bigger and better way to the plans of the Government and particularly the Ministry of ICT with a view to reducing gaps and converting technology into the key tool for improving the quality of life of Colombians, promoting smart city projects, and expanding the reach of advances such as telemedicine and tele-education among the people of Colombia.”

Onetto continues: “The expansion plans reaffirm CISCO’s commitment to Colombia. Not only will this expansion benefit CISCO’s business partners, channels, and customers in the country, but also strengthen the supply of products and services with which the company meets the needs of the Colombian business market, offering more choices for the country to improve its connectivity and access to innovative technological solutions.”

“The business environment in Bogota is at its peak (…), it is very stable and solid, and the city itself enables such a productive work environment. There is an optimum and stable level of security that enables us to develop all the initiatives that our companies are particularly looking for in a city,” says Onetto.

Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota, explains: “We welcome the announcement of CISCO’s investment; it shows how much confidence the firm has in the city. Bogota’s promotion agency has been conveniently available to support its expansion plans in Bogota and assist with the consolidation of projects that will have a high impact for the whole country; CISCO also has Invest in Bogota’s support in its relations with local authorities and finding qualified human resources.”

Pérez continues: “Bogota’s competitive operating costs, availability of space that conforms to industry standards, and reliable electrical and telecommunications infrastructure all serve to make the city competitive in terms of both technology and innovation operations.”

The Director of Invest in Bogota concludes: “Bogota’s abundant and skilled workforce with ample experience in IT services, business software development, digital content, and engineering services make Bogota an ideal and very attractive location for the installation of technology-based service companies. The city has more than 33% of the country’s technicians and technologists and has 115 colleges graduating 100,400 professionals and technicians per year, as 35 of these institutions offer programs in technology-sector skills. Additionally, the city stands out nationally for its technology and innovation capabilities: 65% of the software development companies in the country are based in Bogota.”

The new offices: The preparation of modern facilities where ample work areas are equipped with collaboration technologies, telepresence facilities, and demonstration labs provide customers and business partners with the opportunity to experience CISCO’s most advanced technologies.

Facilities will include two levels, one exclusively for the company’s clients and partners featuring auditoriums seating over 100 people, the first CISCO Customer Experience Room of Colombia, quiet room, various video conferencing facilities, e-café zones for collaborating with customers, as well as a data center and a Demo Lab where environments designed to test CISCO’s most advanced technologies worldwide can be utilized.

The first CISCO Customer Experience Room in Colombia: As part of the new offices project in Colombia, CISCO has announced the opening of the country’s first Customer Experience Room. This is a unique and innovative space where the company’s partners and customers can participate in a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of CISCO’s business model and technologies in operation.

“With this first Customer Experience Room opening in Colombia, CISCO aims to provide a unique and living center where visitors can feel the impact of the Internet of Everything in the creation of increasingly intelligent environments,” notes Christian Onetto.

Onetto goes on to explain that the Experience Room is a powerful model that the company has opened in several of its major markets so that customers can access CISCO technology through the dCloud (CISCO’s demo cloud) in which they engage in personalized work on their collaborative projects. The Room also highlights the company’s offerings in areas such as data centers, corporate connectivity and security, and industry solutions (transportation, manufacturing, energy and Oil & Gas, among others).

Strengthening the Networking Academy: The third major pillar of the expansion project seeks to strengthen CISCO’s successful Networking Academy training initiative. CISCO has implemented this program in 170 countries and has so far trained nearly 100,000 Colombian students in 21st century information technology and communication skills that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork to help them take advantage of emerging opportunities in the Internet of Everything economy.

In this regard, the head of CISCO Colombia says that the company “expects to maximize the use of the new offices’ auditorium and rooms to make events more impactful for the NetAcad people (in terms of number of attendees). The expansion of the program and its impacted population through expanding its training offerings to people with little educational, economic, and development options is also planned for adults, adolescents, the elderly, disabled, indigenous peoples, and women.” 

Finally, CISCO’s Manager in Colombia, Christian Onetto, added that all of CISCO’s expansion projects in Colombia will underpin the work that the company is developing hand-in-hand with the Ministry of ICT and the Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CCIT). This collaborative effort seeks to provide support infrastructure capable of delivering new services and solving some of the major challenges facing cities today, such as environmental sustainability, job creation, and economic growth. “Almost 70% of Colombia's population lives in the capital. If we change the environments and services that interact with urban inhabitants, we will be transforming much of the country. We will initiate processes to connect the urban centers and provide better services to the citizens. Projects like the new office and Customer Experience Room are already part of the transformation required by Colombia,” Onetto concludes.


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