21 de April 2020

Companies that deliver: Taking every safety measure against Coronavirus


With the measures being taken for the preventive lockdown, several questions are being raised about how to stock up on and acquire necessary everyday products without running any risks. As experts from the logistics and food sector affirm, for situations like these, deliveries are one of the best options.

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During the preventive lockdown, some exceptions have been decreed for leaving the house, one of which is to get food. However, according to Aura María Sarmiento (Subway franchisee), Rafael Montoya (CEO of Virtual Kitchen), and Giancarlo Benavides (from, in a webinar organized by Invest in Bogota, ordering raw and prepared food at home is a safe and quite comfortable option for consumers.

While some still have their doubts about ordering something that arrives to their homes, and prefer to go out and buy it personally, all industries are currently being very rigorous about the cleanliness of their processes, especially in the food and home delivery sector. 

“Awareness of sanitation measures has increased significantly. There is no brand that operates with us whose hygiene measures are not above any traditional standard for the food sector,” said Rafael Montoya of Virtual Kitchen, a ghost kitchen space where different food brands prepare their products to distribute them to their clients’ homes.

“When receiving a delivery, transmission can take place when one touches the delivery item or has contact with the delivery person, but transmission or the likelihood of transmission will not be greater than that of going to a supermarket,” says Aura María Sarmiento, a Subway franchisee, who also explains that as of now, to-go foods have not been shown to present any risk for the transmission of COVID-19.

When having contact with any person it is very important to take all precautions; however, delivery people are also careful about being hygienic in the process. According to Giancarlo Benavides from, “All our delivery people are very well equipped with gloves, face masks and antibacterial gel, and we are also setting up equipment cleaning stations for motorcycles, bicycles and bags. In general, we are taking all the measures possible to make sure that this aspect of operations, which is the most important, is meeting these needs and is taking as many precautions as possible.”

Based on the current and future situation, delivery sales are expected to grow. On the one hand, people are changing their consumer habits right now, while on the other, these types of services are extremely useful for businesses, as they help expand their market. 

As Giancarlo Benavides of concludes, “It is about being ready and understanding that the market in general…is shifting to digital consumption and is changing to allow you to obtain and consume goods and services through digital platforms…Whatever the circumstance may be, these platforms connect your business to a large number of customers.”