12 de December 2018

Complan’s technology will improve the commissioning of infrastructure works in the country

FDI, Foreign Direct Investment

Hailing from the UK, Complan intends to earn a place in the Colombian infrastructure market and improve the methodology of the commissioning stage through its project management software. Bogotá is the company’s second branch in Latin America.


With the vast number of road and transportation, hospital, housing or industrial projects coming in the next few years, the infrastructure sector in Colombia is facing significant challenges. The Bogotá Metro, the new CAN building, five new highly complex hospitals, the new La Sabana Airport, the Triángulo de Fenicia complex, 30 new schools and Ciudad del Río are just some of the projects that are slated to begin in Bogotá alone.

The high levels of complexity of many of these projects, added to stringent quality standards, evidence the need to enlist the assistance of technological tools to meet deadlines and ensure the works are carried out in accordance with the approved designs.

So said James Davies, CEO of the British company Complan, which has recently landed in Colombia to introduce the company’s proprietary software and provide advisory and support services for the commissioning stage of infrastructure projects. The company has participated in more than 600 projects worldwide, which include Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, one of the largest buildings in the United Kingdom; the University College Hospital of London, the high-speed train between the city of Oslo and its airport, and several oil projects.

WinPCS, the company’s state-of-the-art management and control software, guarantees compliance with the designs and specifications established for the different stages of a project. Teams of professionals such as project managers, auditors, developers, contractors and subcontractors can monitor the execution of activities required to deliver the project’s systems from day one. In addition, this tool facilitates certification processes following completion. The concepts of commissioning and completion help ensure a safe and efficient start-up and provide support to ensure a seamless operation at 100% capacity.

"Nowadays, modern construction projects are more complex and demand higher quality standards. This requires the use of more sophisticated technological tools to ensure complete, fast and efficient monitoring and reporting. These projects produce very large quantities of information and documentation, which need to be managed in an organized manner to guarantee an effective delivery. One of the great advantages of WinPCS is that it can be used anywhere, even outside the project site,” says Davies.

Bogotá’s significance in Complan's vision

"The arrival of companies such as Complan is largely due to the vast number of large-scale infrastructure projects that are coming to Bogotá in the next few years" said Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogotá, who added that the city accounts for 18% of the country's construction sector.

According to recent estimates, Bogotá is expected to demand 34 trillion pesos in construction materials by 2021, making it the epicenter of construction in the country. This was one of the reasons why Complan decided to set up operations in Bogotá, in addition to the fact that a large part of the company's clients are located in the city.

"Bogotá also has direct flights to London and to all other countries in South America," added Davies, which certainly represents an advantage for the operation of regional markets from Colombia. With Brazil, Colombia is the second country in Latin America where the company has a presence, and as part of its expansion process, the company hopes to engage local talent.

Complan is currently working on the Serena Del Mar Hospital in Cartagena, a high-level health complex that has already been certified by major environmental organizations.