30 de September 2021

Bogota, a potential destination for the development of e-health operations

Invest in Bogota, Informe de Gestión 2012
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Based on strengths such as its positioning in the health sector and the supply of qualified talent, the capital of the country wants to attract new projects in an industry that has become more relevant due to the pandemic.

potential destination for the development of e-health operations

Although the digitalization of healthcare was a possibility before the pandemic, experts agree that in the midst of the current situation, technology has been of vital importance for the healthcare sector to be able to face the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

This trend, known in the medical world as e-health, is understood as the use of new information and communication technologies to improve the provision of medical services, including, for example, developments that facilitate the request for appointments, mechanisms that unify medical records and even new technologies that facilitate the procedures developed by health professionals.

In this scenario, the development of projects associated with the e-health sector is opening up new opportunities for investment destinations such as Bogota, which wants to position itself in this industry based on strengths such as its human talent, telecommunications connectivity and strategic location in the continent.

Bogota has managed to establish itself as a regional reference in the health sector. The city has the third largest market for medical devices in Latin America, concentrates 66% of drug manufacturers and is the capital of the country with the number one health system in Latin America according to the World Health Organization.

In addition to Bogota's potential for the development of projects for the medical sector, the capital has positioned itself as a regional benchmark for the information technology industry, which is allowing it to attract companies associated with the e-health industry.

Moreover, the capital has nearly 84,000 engineering graduates related to the technology industry, in addition to 71% of the country's bilingual talent. Likewise, in terms of access to connectivity, Colombia is the Latin American country with the highest investment in telecommunications infrastructure, with access to 10 submarine cables at present.

"The investment projects that Bogota is attracting in the e-health sector make an important contribution in areas such as knowledge transfer and development of local human talent. They also show that the city has the capabilities to be part of the industries called to transform the world", highlights Mauricio Romero, executive director (e) of the investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota.

An example of the type of healthcare investment projects supported by technology is that of the Colombian company with Australian capital, Imexhs, specialized in the development of software for the management of medical images, which has professionals in Colombia in areas such as Development, Innovation, Engineering, Support, Marketing, Medical Management, among others.

"Our differentiating factor is the fact that we have a main team based in Bogota, from where we provide services to the world," says Alejandro Varettoni, Chief Sales Officer of Imexhs, who emphasizes that human talent is one of the city's greatest strengths when it comes to attracting projects in this sector.