22 de August 2018

Dutch solutions and supplies business for the bakery and pastry sector arrives to Bogota


Zeelandia, a company that engages in the development, manufacturing and sale of solutions for the bakery and pastry sector in over 100 countries, has begun operations in Bogota. Even if this project has been conceived with a future export capacity in mind, initially it shall serve the local market. “We are making a very important investment in Colombia, both in infrastructure as well as highly qualified personnel” said Dager Flórez, General Manager of Zeelandia Colombia. Flórez added that he believes that the Colombian operation will be close to the size of that of its branch in Brazil, which represents almost 30% of the company’s global business. “We will start with a local market, to then expand at a national level and afterwards to the Andean region. Our projections are made for the long term. When we enter a country, it is to stay there, and for this reason we are betting on Colombia”, said Flórez.


 Created in 1900, Zeelandia has more than 20 production plants and more than 3,000 employees around the world. Its clients are bakeries and pastry shops of all sizes, some well renowned. The plant in the Bogota region will have cutting edge European technology, at the same level as other Zeelandia plants around the world, and sufficient capacity to serve the Colombian market. With an estimate of 50 new jobs during the initial phase, which will consist of bread and cake premixes and enhancers. Additional lines will be opened over time, given that the company’s portfolio already has more than 1,000 products.


  “This is an example of the type of investment that is in line with the National Government’s objectives to have a diversified and creative economy which promotes innovation. From the hand of global players like Zeelandia, the highest standards and processes arrive to the country to strengthen the production and consumption and widen the market options of the bakery and pastry industry in Colombia”, said Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.


 “Bogota and its region are an opportunity for the processed food sector and constitute the main center for the consumption and sale of food and beverages in Colombia”, said Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota. “The city has a market with high purchasing power with respect to the rest of the country; with a consumption rate in Bogota households that has grown 4% per year and a middle class that represents 51.6% of the population. Bogota has a robust market for the high added value food and drink industry,” added Pérez.


 Zeelandia received the assistance of ProColombia and Invest in Bogota during its process of exploring the destination. One of the competitive advantages that Zeelandia found in Colombia for its investment decision is the country’s economy. “Without a doubt, Colombia’s economy is among the best in Latin America and is displaying an interesting growth. Following the peace agreements and thanks to favorable market conditions, Colombia definitely has great potential”, Flórez confirmed, adding that for the company “being in Bogota is totally strategic. Bogota represents 50% of the country’s consumption. For this reason, being here offers us an importance base for business. Product innovation and the city’s cosmopolitan style open an infinite number of possibilities for new development. Moreover, it is in the center of the country, which provides the logistical capacity to get to other areas in a short space of time and also reach the big industries.”


 The gastronomic sector has been identified by the Bogota Region as the sector with the greatest growth potential within the city’s Strategy for Intelligent Specialization, a productive development agenda development by the public and private sector and the academic, with which they seek to empower the city’s economy from the standpoint of knowledge and innovation. “Bogota is leading the way in gastronomic innovation in the country and is among the first in Latin America. With Zeelandia, said gastronomic innovation can pass on to the baking and pastry sector. Each day we see new bakeries and patisseries opening with new concepts. We want to be there.” Flórez concluded, adding that they found the city prepared to receive foreign and local investors.