The Endeavor Conference and the power to transform a country

Endeavor Colombia
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Endeavor Colombia is a global network that inspires, supports and seeks to create connections among successful entrepreneurs in different fields and sectors for investment in the country and transform them into high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide.

Bogota is the perfect place for the development of major events worldwide, hence its potential in the market has grown in recent years, and on April 25, 2017 the 8th Endeavor Conference "The power transform a country" will be staged.

This includes the participation of successful leaders in different fields such as Mario Balladares, Director of Marketing and Loyalty of LifeMiles; Edgar Helou, Director of Google Cloud Colombia; María Isabel Murillo, "Misi", Founder of Misi Producciones, among others.

The event aims to encourage innovation talent, digital marketing and work alternatives that favor business performance and productivity, with a 7:00 am to 5:00 pm schedule at Compensar of Avenida 68.

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