Entrepreneurships in the Bogota Region raised nearly USD 1.7 billion in 2022

Date: 26 April, 2023
  • The capital of the country has the most important entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. In 2022, the capital raised by companies in the Bogotá Region represented 91.2% of the total capital raised by enterprises in the country.

Bogota D.C., April 24th, 2023. Financing through investment rounds in which capital funds, angel investors, accelerators and corporate venture capital funds participate, among other actors in the ecosystem, is a mechanism that allows startups to continue developing their business plan and grow in the market, and investors diversify their investments.

The most recent Report on raising capital by startups carried out by Invest in Bogota (the investment promotion agency and coordinating entity of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region) reveals that in 2022 the number of investment rounds of Bogota’s ventures increased by 24.1%, through which more than USD1.7 billion were raised. This last figure represents a 7.5% increase in the capital raised compared to 2021.

“Bogotá is consolidated as the city with the largest number of financing rounds and capital raised in Colombia during 2022. More than USD 1.7 billion were mobilized by Bogota ventures, which represents 77% of the number of financing rounds, and corresponds to 91 % of the total capital raised by Colombian ventures.” States Isabella Muñoz, executive director of Invest in Bogota.

The Fintech sector stands out, which was the most representative in raising capital in 2022 with 52 investment rounds carried out by 42 technology-based ventures that offer financial services and in which more than USD 761 million were raised.

The E-commerce and PropTech sectors also stood out, raising USD 290 million and USD 322 million, respectively, demonstrating the diversity and maturity of Bogota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As for the countries that invested the most in Bogota Region ventures, the United States is the leading country with 52 investors. Likewise, Americans are the most active investors, since in 2022 they invested in 130 rounds in which entrepreneurs from the city participated. In second place is Colombia with 26 investors, followed by Mexico with 16 and Brazil with 12 investors.

“In addition to being the main epicenter of entrepreneurship nationwide, Bogota has also established itself as the most attractive city for venture capital funds, reflecting the confidence that has been consolidated for business development in the city.” Muñoz concludes.

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