01 de November 2018

For the first time, Bogota will be the venue for the Elsevier Dialogues

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The Spanish company Elsevier, which engages in technology development for the healthcare sector, will hold its Elsevier Dialogues forum in Colombia for the first time. This is a space in which all actors and points of view of the healthcare industry come together: medicine, knowledge, technology, management, as well as governments and international agencies.

“We have been holding discussions with the sector’s stakeholders about advances in healthcare and all topics that are important to us and that, ultimately, will always affect people and their families. We think that understanding all of these points of view and working with all professionals to bring real improvements to citizens and patients is part of our role,” said Carlos de Paladella, Director of Clinical Solutions at Elsevier.

The event, which has been taking place for four years in countries such as Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and France, will take place on November 15 in Bogota. According to the company, the central theme of the forum will be clinical decision-making support systems (CDSS), from the protocols or order sets to multidisciplinary nursing care plans, medical evidence that supports decisions and processes, and the way in which professionals in Colombia handle such challenges.

“We want executives, doctors, nurses, heads of systems, the government and international accreditation agencies (in this case the representative Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society – HIMSS-) to have an open dialogue on their vision of this topic,” Paladella added.

Why bring the Elsevier Dialogues to Colombia?

The Bogota Region is home to 20% of all the country’s affiliates and healthcare provider institutions. Additionally, the quality of Bogota’s institutions stands out, as 7 of the best 49 hospitals in Latin America are in the city. Regarding medical provisions, Bogota concentrates 50% of the manufacturing companies present in the country.

These types of strengths have resulted in the city standing out amongst the Region’s healthcare sector. For Elsevier, Colombia is one of the countries in which business is making the most investments in Latin America, which has led it to become one of the pillars of its strategy in the Region.

“Last year we held the Dialogues in Mexico City and generated great value for our attendees. This year we want to start the annual cycle of Dialogues in Colombia because this country – and this city (Bogota) – is leading the development of this industry in Latin America. Moreover, it is a system from which we can learn a lot now that the value-based healthcare systems are starting to appear in all countries of the world”, the company explains.

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