Forum on health sector APPs


The 1st International Forum of Public-Private Partnerships in Health for Bogota will be held from November 28 to 30 at the Salitre headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce. 

The event brings together the Bogota District Department of Health, the National Development and Health Cluster of Bogota, along with the support of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Invest in Bogota for the purpose of publicizing the characteristics of the six new hospital projects developed by the Mayor’s Office, the experiences of other countries and creating a space for discussion of everything related to the issue of health. 

The six hospitals that will discuss the topics and which are part of these new projects are: 

  • Nuevo Hospital Simón Bolívar
  • Hospital de La Felicidad
  • Nuevo Hospital de Santa Clara (Conjunto Hospitalario San Juan de Dios)
  • Nuevo Instituto Materno Infantil (Conjunto Hospitalario San Juan de Dios)
  • Hospital de San Bernardino Bosa
  • Hospital Usme

In order to achieve these projects, the district administration has decided to implement a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) strategy to improve quality in the provision of health services and make them more efficient and user-focused. 

The agenda covers three days; the first day is for the presentation of the experts, with a panel discussion and presentation of the projects of the six hospitals; the second day will be for presentations by interested companies and the last day will be dedicated to field visits. 

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