10 de November 2020

German multinational in the health and wellness sector started operations Colombia

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The company Beurer, with a presence in 120 countries around the world, plans to invest USD $1 million and generate at least 40 jobs over the next three years; it expects Colombia's operation to become the point of reference for Latin America.


The potential of Colombia and its capital, Bogota, in the health and wellness sector led to Germany's Beurer, one of the leading companies in this industry, to settle in the country and start operations in January of this year, supported by ProColombia and the promotion agency Invest in Bogota. 

Founded in 1919 and with more than 600 products in its portfolio, the firm expects to make a million-dollar investment during its first three years of operation, resources that will be destined to the opening company owned stores and showrooms throughout the city.

As part of its marketing strategy and distribution of health and wellness products, the company expects to add about 40 employees in its Colombian operation, which is already underway through an administrative office and a logistics center from where they distribute their specialized prevention and diagnostic products throughout the country.

"The ease of having a distribution center and the size of the city's population, was the reason why Bogota was the ideal city to start our operation in Colombia, says Ronal Díaz, Country Manager of Beurer in Colombia, who adds that in addition to distributing its products, the firm hopes to develop in the country an application in which domestic use medical devices are linked to digital medical records that users have in clinics and hospitals in the country, generating an advantage in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity among others.

"We celebrate the arrival of Beurer in our territory because their operations contribute to the processes of health improvement of Colombians. Their decision represents a vote of confidence in our country that provides technology, innovation, and solutions in medical and wellness devices. These are the kind of initiatives that support the transformation and economic revival of the country," says Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Bogota concentrated more than 50% of the nearly $1.6 billion dollars that came to the country through 100 investment projects of the health sector between 2008 and 2018, says Juan Gabriel Perez, Invest in Bogota´s Executive Director, who also points out that Colombia's capital is becoming a corporate, logistical and training hub in the region for many health companies.

Colombia has positioned itself as the third largest medical device market in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico, a position ratified to be maintained till 2022 according to Business Monitor International´s forecasts. As for Bogota, the city accounts for more than 75% of the country's sales. "This is a very dynamic and competitive sector, guided by the need for quality products with fair prices," says Díaz, who also states that, with a projected growth of more than 20% per year, he expects Beurer Colombia to be the point reference for the company in Latin America.