23 de August 2014

GoDigital Media Group comes to Bogotá to serve the Latin American Market and Invest in the Development of Colombia’s Creative Industries

The solutions platform for the music industry flies in from Los Angeles to serve Latin America. From the capital, it will create marking and promotion plans for new local and regional content in the international market. 

GoDigital Media Group comes to Bogotá to serve the Latin American Market and Invest in the Development of Colombia’s Creative Industries

GoDigital Media Group, the American media, and technology company specializing in the digital distribution of music content has established itself in Bogotá to provide marketing support and trend analysis for artists. The company will act as a "bridge" between more than 500 artists and different music production and distribution channels such as Spotify, Deezer or YouTube. Its clients include record companies such as Pina Records, White Lion and Mr. 305 Inc. (the record label of the rapper Pitbull), and national artists such as Diamante Eléctrico, who recently won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. 

Present in the United States, Sri Lanka, Belarus and Korea, the decision to establish its Latin American office in Colombia, its fourth largest market, is an indicator of the good times the country is experiencing in content generation and its creative industries. 

GoDigital decided to start operations in Bogotá after its visit to the country in 2015 to participate in Bogota Music Market (BOmm). The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce runs this event that brings together key people in the music industry, such as musicians, composers, producers, agencies, businesspeople, brands, record companies, and editors, to develop new business opportunities and to learn about the latest trends in the industry.  

Its participation in BOmm was followed by seven months of preparation and market analysis. Finally, Colombia was selected among candidates that included Mexico and Chile for the quality of its professionals, its enormous growth potential and its developing market, as well as for being a country that generates quality content and global trends to the extent that it is a crucial hub for the market’s development. 

“We decided to open the company not as a branch of a foreign company, but as a Colombian company with seed capital from foreign investment. Our idea is not to be a branch, but rather to invest in the development of the creative and cultural industries in Colombia by working as another local actor,” said Paola Colmenares, Country Manager of GoDigital.  

The company decided to open an office in the capital thanks to Bogotá’s cultural diversity, its strategic location and the very high rating that it has from professionals in the music, entertainment, creative and cultural industries. “Bogotá is a cosmopolitan city, a business center and currently a great place of influence for Latin America. It has stages, talent, and audiences; the quality of the entertainment offer is very high. It is the meeting point of the industry, and it generates markets not only around the music industry but also the entire entertainment industry,” added Paula Colmenares.  

Bogotá has several clusters around the creative industries, which have permitted the growth of sectors including film, technology, architecture, and music. 

“The quality of national production has made Bogotá a cultural power for the region, which has become the perfect place for new business opportunities in the creative industries. This has caught the attention of companies that, like GoDigital, see an attractive market for investment and production of very high-level content for the local and regional market,” said Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota.  

“The establishment of music marketing platforms is part of the professionalization of the city’s creative industries. The arrival of foreign companies such as GoDigital in Colombia is the result of the exhaustive showcasing of companies and artists by BOmm, which at the business meetings, roundtables and workshops with leaders of the local industry, are able to discover the potential of the music industry in Bogotá,” stated Mónica de Greiff, CEO of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. 

In the next few years, the company plans to venture into other areas such as investment projects for the development of artists. The great aim is to become a Latin American content aggregation and production company for the world. And what is more, it has found in Bogotá the perfect place to establish itself in Latin America and then expand to generate new places for the creation of original content.  



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