10 de Octubre 2012

The Insiders starts operations in Bogota, and opens an office for services on 'mouth marketing'

Digital Marketing
  • The Belgian digital marketing company, specializing in word of mouth advertising has opened its offices in Bogota. 

  • The Insiders has offices in eleven countries, and is now opening one in Bogota to serve Latin America.

  • The company's clients include giants such as Estee Lauder, Nestlé, Phillips, Sony, Henkel, P&G, Unilever, Euro Star, Diageo and Johnny Walker.

  • This example of foreign investment shows yet again that Bogota is the ideal location for innovative digital marketing operations.

  • Everyone is invited to be part of this experience which, in addition to being free, includes several brands of worldwide renown.

The Insiders starts operations in Bogota, and opens an office for services on 'mouth marketing'

The Insiders was created in Belgium, in 2009, and is nowadays present in eleven countries, with Bogota being its only office in Latin America.

In Europe, the company counts important brands in industries such as consumer goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, travel services, entertainment, Internet and luxury among its clients, such as: Estee Lauder, Nestlé, Phillips, Sony, Henkel, P&G, Unilever, Euro Star, Diageo, among others.
Adriana Suarez, Invest in Bogota's Executive Director, stated that Bogota has been strengthening its position in terms of foreign investment, which has driven the arrival of new companies into the country "We celebrate the arrival of The Insiders in Bogota, and the fact that the city is the most suitable place to conduct innovative digital marketing operations, on account of its access to markets, its strategic location, its skilled and available labor, competitive costs and investment incentives". 
On its part, Björn Vandemeulebroucke, Marketing and Sales Manager at The Insiders Latin America, explains the process that was followed to choose Bogota as the city for its operations:  "When we made the decision to invest, we looked at Buenos Aires and Bogota. We chose the latter, on account of how easy it is to establish a business here, and because of Invest in Bogota, as it provided us with all the assistance and support we needed in order to make the most accurate decision".
The manager at The Insiders Latin America also expressed his desire for everyone to participate, and take active part of the community; "I invite all to be a part of this free experience with recognized brands on Over 12.000 individuals have already registered, and what we are looking for are consumers (ambassadors) who are willing to try new products with free samples, in order for them to share their experiences with friends, relatives or colleagues.  This is the so-called Word-of-Mouth, a model that landed in Colombia from Europe and the United States, where it is broadly popular. These coming weeks will be special, as we will be launching the campaign with Johnny Walker".

How Word-of-Mouth advertising works


Each potential ambassador must first register on Once the company has been launched, each ambassador will get an invitation via e-mail to participate. The selection of ambassadors is done based on the type of campaign and the profile sought by the brand.

Ambassadors who are chosen will get a VIP package with samples of the products to be advertised, and each ambassador reports on their perceptions about the product and with whom they shared their experience.  It is thus how the brand identifies who consumers think, and applies this knowledge to new advertising strategies.

How The Insiders works

  • Register at

  • Get an e-mail with an invitation to take part in a campaign.  Selection is based on the type of campaign and the profile being sought by the brand.

  • Once chosen, each ambassador will get a VIP package with products, samples and other brand materials, in order to promote them via Word-of-Mouth.

  • For the duration of the campaign (4 to 6 weeks), the ambassador will be allowed to try the product and share his experience and opinions with his family and friends.

  • He will report on his perception of the product, and who he shared his experience with.  This way, the brand will be able to know what consumers think about it.