07 de September 2016

Invest in Bogotá: 10 years of service on behalf of the economic and social development of Bogotá.

This year in September, Invest in Bogota celebrates its first decade of service to the city. 

Invest in Bogotá: 10 years of service on behalf of the economic and social development of Bogotá.

Invest in Bogota is the result of a vision conceived in 2005, when the Mayor’s Office and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá got together to establish an agency that would serve as the driving force behind a proactive strategy to position the city region as the ideal destination for foreign companies. The results confirm the success of Invest in Bogota and this private-public alliance: in 10 years it has achieved the development of 200 foreign projects with an estimated investment of over USD 1.600 billion and the creation of more than 21,000 direct jobs.

Outstanding examples of these projects are companies such as Grupo Avanza, Konecta and NH Hoteles from Spain; Convergys, Marriott, Dole, AIG from the USA; B Braun and Fresenius from Germany; Genpact and Sutherland from India; Pestana and Bluepharma from Portugal; Castem from Japan; Decathlon from France; Atton Hoteles from Chile and Envases Universales from Mexico, among many others.

To celebrate this decade of operations, Invest in Bogota is organizing the First Foreign Investment Encounter in Bogota, an event that will bring together academia and the public and private sectors in a forum where they will discuss common themes on the development of the Bogota Region and its international positioning. The event will be organized as conferences with international speakers and workshops with the network of Bogota clusters, that will highlight the potentialities and opportunities of the city region before an audience of the city’s most important international businessmen.

Throughout these ten years, Invest in Bogota has done an exceptional job in international positioning the city region. It has been recognized as the best agency in investment promotion of Latin America and the Caribbean by different institutions such as the World Bank (2009) and Site Selection Magazine (2016)

Invest in Bogota is a public-private agency that actively promotes foreign investment in the city following a careful strategy of international positioning whose purpose is to generate business, social progress and economic development opportunities for the people of Bogota and Colombia. Invest in Bogota is the result of a joint initiative of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor’s Office.