23 de May 2016

Invest in Bogota, the best regional investment promotion agency of Latin America


After 10 years of operation, Invest in Bogota has established itself as a benchmark agency worldwide promoting foreign investment and the best at regional promotion in Latin America, according to Site Selection magazine.

Invest in Bogota, the best regional investment promotion agency of Latin America

Site Selection is an internationally-circulated business magazine published by consulting firm Conway, which generates connections between companies, cities, states and countries that are seeking investment. With more than 45,000 subscribers worldwide, it is recognized for its trajectory with promotion agencies and foreign direct investment.

"This ranking recognizes the agencies that are best equipped to respond professionally and confidentially to the needs of growing companies, maximizing their efficiency and gaining the trust and respect of managers around the world," explains Max Bouchet, Chief Analyst at Conway, in this issue. The evaluation group consists of the Steering Committee of Global FDI Association and a select group of international consultants who are experts in the field.

"We are pleased to receive this kind of recognition and to give this news to the Capital; it drives us to continue working hard on Bogota's international positioning, so that more and more investors establish their projects in the city. So far, over the last 10 years, we have lent our support to the installation of more than 200 foreign investment projects with an estimated total investment of over USD 1.6 billion that have generated more than 21,000 direct jobs," says Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota.