Invest in Bogota and Finnovating seal strategic alliance to attract global investment and innovation to Bogota

Date: 9 November, 2022
Invest In Bogota y Finovating
  • Invest in Bogota, Bogota’s investment promotion agency, and Finnovating, the world’s leading platform for matching startups, corporations, and investors, seal a Strategic Alliance to attract investment and technology startups to Bogota’s ecosystem, one of the most advanced in Latin America. 
  • To achieve this, Finnovating will make its entire community of 125 countries available to Invest in Bogota, creating the largest network of investors, corporations, and innovative startups for entrepreneurship in the city. 

Bogotá, november 9th, 2022. Invest in Bogota and Finnovating have sealed a strategic alliance to attract investment and technology startups to the ecosystem of the Colombian capital, one of the most advanced in Latin America. This alliance aims to create a platform where the services for entrepreneurship offered in the city are centralized, through public and private entities, as well as to facilitate connections with international investors interested in entrepreneurship in the Bogotá Region. 

The functionalities of the platform will allow businesses to connect with international investment (Matching) and will allow the city to be part of a global, open, and digital ecosystem of investors, corporations, and startups interested in Colombia.  

On the platform calls for investment, collaboration needs, customer search, and innovation challenges can be launched. It is a solution that, thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and taxonomy, will connect all participants with greater affinity, assertiveness, and efficiency. Through this initiative, it is expected that the Bogotá Region will increase its potential as the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Latin America.  

This initiative is the result of joint work between the two entities, added to the support of the Secretariat of Economic Development of Bogota, to create a unique, innovative, efficient, and tailored-made space to the needs of the city’s enterprises, for investment. The city’s ventures will benefit not only from the ease of accessing funding sources but also from access to the global Finnovating community, which is constantly being enriched thanks to the more than 1,000 new members who join monthly at the level worldwide to generate thousands of connections.  

Isabella Muñoz, executive director of Invest in Bogota, comments, “we have set ourselves the challenge of making Bogota the entrepreneurship capital of Latin America, and for years we have dreamed of creating a technological tool that facilitates access to international capital and innovation. In Finnovating we found an ally that offers us not only a technological proposal but also access to a very attractive global community, which will give visibility to the city’s entrepreneurship in front of the world. We are convinced that this will be a high-value digital collaboration space for the ecosystem.”  

Bogota stands out as the second-best emerging ecosystem in Latam and number 3 in receiving investment, while Colombia has positioned itself as the third country in innovation and the fastest-growing FinTech sector in Latin America. According to data from the Finnovating platform, between FinTech, InsurTech, and PropTech, there are around 800 startups and scaleups operating in Colombia today, of which more than 70% are located in Bogota. 

“We are excited to work with the entire Invest in Bogota team. From the beginning, we agreed on the same vision that we could connect global innovation differently than before. Therefore, together we are going to create the largest community of investors, corporations, and innovative startups for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a city. We are going to connect the entire Bogota Innovation and Investor community with all the members of Finnovating’s global ecosystem, which brings together more than 60,000 startups, corporations, and investors from 125 countries”, highlights Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating. 

About Invest in Bogotá: 

Invest in Bogota is the investment promotion agency for Bogota, a public-private initiative between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Capital District. Its purpose is to facilitate relevant international investment, as well as to attract world-class meetings and events that contribute to the socio-economic development, competitiveness and quality of life of Bogota-Region, positioning it as the preferred destination for doing business in Latin America. 

About Finnovating: 

Finnovating is the first global Matching platform that connects a community of 80,000 companies to drive connection and collaboration between FinTech, InsurTech with corporations and investors. With a presence in 121 countries, the platform’s main objective is to drive valuable interactions in the community, generating opportunities for collaboration, innovation and investment through its unique solutions such as the Challenges area, the Marketplace of services and an agile discovery based on an intelligent AI algorithm. 

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