08 de May 2020

Bogota has one of the best Investment Promotion Agencies in the world

Top investment promotion agencies
Site selection magazine
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The international publication Site Selection selected Invest in Bogota as one of the 4 best agencies in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. In its annual “Global Best to Invest Report”, the magazine highlights the important role Investment Promotion Agencies will play in the reconstruction of economies and the generation of jobs after the covid-19 crisis is overcome.

Top investment promotion agencies

Invest In Bogota received this award for the sixth consecutive year. “A recognition like this encourages us to continue working for the economic and social development of the city as we have been doing for almost 14 years, in which we have facilitated the arrival of more than 380 investment projects that have led to the creation of about 45,000 direct jobs for Bogota citizens,” stated Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota.


In 2019 alone, foreign investment that reached the capital supported by the Invest in Bogota exceeded 600 million dollars. These resources were represented in 48 projects, the highest number for a calendar year since the agency began operations in 2006.


According to Site Selection magazine, the choice of the most important promotion agencies in the world was made based on criteria such as professionalism in the responses to investors, skills and language management of the team, access to available databases and list of incentives sector, protection of investor confidentiality, support in after-care services, and ease of access to the information provided by direct channels and web page, among others.


The national investment promotion agencies ProColombia and Invest Chile were also highlighted by the publication as the best in South America.