15 de May 2018

Invest Pacific and Invest in Bogota recognized as the best agencies for the promotion of foreign investment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Foreign Direct Investment
Invest in Bogotá

Bogota D.C., Wednesday May 16, 2018 (IP/IB) – The agencies in charge of promoting investment in Valle del Cauca and in the Bogota region occupied the first place in the rankings of the best Investment Promotion Agencies in 2018 created by publishing house Site Selection Magazine, in the category of regional agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the rankings, a panel of external experts in foreign investment and international consultants evaluate and catalogue the 20 top agencies in the world. The Colombian agencies fell short of Invest Shanghai (China), InvestHK (Hong Kong), Dubai FDI (UAE), Business Birmingham (UK) and Berlin Partner (Germany).

The criteria considered in the evaluation are professionalism in responses to investors; the team’s knowledge, skills and language capabilities; the reputation of the agency among companies that come to the country in terms of confidentiality and support in after-care and reinvestment services. Moreover, the ease of access to information that is provided by direct channels and the website with regards to general information, aspects specific to the sector, procedures and permits, among others, are other criteria taken into consideration.

Andrew Clutz, a consultant for IPAs around the world, confirmed that in the rankings report the most successful agencies “are very well known. They convert data into location intelligence relevant to each project, through direct commitment and interpretation based on the type of business. This helps companies to read between the lines and understand the big picture. (…) The best IPAs are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of investors, the increased demand for data and volatile political and business environments.”

“With seven years of activity, Invest Pacific has supported more than 80 projects, which include both services and industrial companies that have invested and reinvested over $780 million USD and have created more than 7,000 jobs in the province as a result. The trust and recognition of companies operating in the city are essential values to secure our working criteria as an Investment Promotion Agency. We are very proud to contribute to the development of the region and to receive this recognition for our work. In 2017, the region received more than 22 projects with an investment of over $200 million USD and more than 2,000 jobs. This contributed to the sophistication of the business network, further diversifying the country’s export basket”, commented Alejandro Ossa, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

“Receiving this recognition for the fourth year running demonstrates our commitment to attracting quality investment, which brings important benefits such as the transfer of knowledge and technology, the generation of high quality employment and the revitalization of the economy and local competition. In 2017, after 11 years of existence, we closed the year with a balance of 40 supported foreign capital projects which brought in more than $276 million USD and created around 7,200 direct jobs,” said Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota.


About Invest Pacific: Investment Promotion Agency headquartered in Valle del Cauca. A non-profit entity created by the public-private sectors of the region (Province of Valle del Cauca, Mayor’s Office of Cali, Chambers of Commerce, Free Trade Zones and more than 80 private companies), with the objective of promoting the department to attract national and foreign investment. For more information, visit:

About Invest in Bogota: Public – private agency which, based on an international positioning strategy, actively promotes foreign investment in the city for the creation of business opportunities, progress and social and economic development for Bogota residents. For more than 11 years the agency has been recognized by different institutions like the World Bank (2009), fDi Magazine (2017) and Site Selection Magazine (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018). Invest in Bogota is the result of an initiative between the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and the Mayor’s Office. For more information, visit: