13 de Marzo 2018

Mexican firm Labo Digital opens office in Bogota

Creative Industries

Labo Digital, considered one of the leading companies in Latin America in the audiovisual sector, is setting up in Bogota.

LaboDigital en Bogota

The company arrived here thanks to the merger between Labo Mexico, the parent company, and Onset Labs, a Colombian pioneer in digital image control.

Labo was founded in 2006; it operates in Mexico, United States, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and now Colombia. It has 150 employees and has created over 2,500 indirect jobs through the outsourcing of its services.

With a business concept called ‘From rec. to play’, it offers support in all the stages of an audiovisual project, from production to post-production, distribution, and exhibition. It also participates in the shooting itself right through to when the series and movies are shown in the cinemas, on TV and digital platforms.

Its partners in content production include MGM, Netflix, HBO, and Universal, among others.

“Our primary goal is to meet the production, postproduction and audiovisual distribution needs of the whole continent, taking advantage of the strategic location we have in Bogota, the capacity of its professionals which is widely recognized, the audiovisual tradition of the country and our experience in developing projects” explains Charles Bathe, CEO of Labo Mexico.

In its facilities in Bogota, Labo has a wide range of equipment and the ability to operate simultaneously in 13 recording rooms. In the second stage of its operation, the company will expand its portfolio with sound post-production services for film and television and will grow from 15 to 25 permanent employees by the end of 2018.

“Bogota has become the hub of the audiovisual sector in Colombia for back-office and audiovisual production operations; the major national players are all here and in recent years it has attracted renowned foreign companies such as Labo,” says Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota.