María Isabella Muñoz, Invest in Bogota’s new executive director

Date: 16 November, 2021
María Isabella Muñoz, nueva directora ejecutiva de Invest in Bogota

The industrial engineer and economics specialist who arrives at the agency with the objective of leading the investment promotion strategy and positioning of the capital city. Thanks to her extensive experience in the private equity industry, she will work on the international positioning of Bogota’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

The Board of Directors of Invest in Bogota selected María Isabella Muñoz as the new executive director of the investment promotion agency, a position she assumes as of today.

Muñoz has more than 16 years of experience in the private equity industry and venture capital, entrepreneurship and business structuring. She has been a promoter of the private equity industry in the country, where she has previously served as a partner of MAS Equity Partners, private equity fund manager in the Andean region and leader in the creation and implementation of the Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds – ColCapital, where she served as executive director since its inception. Additionally, she is founder and ambassador of the organization Women in Alternative Investments – WAI.
“Because of her experience in the private equity industry, raising capital, seeking and investing in companies and ventures, the arrival of Isabella Muñoz is great news for the city. We all agreed on her selection, it was a meritocratic process in which more than 180 candidates participated and finally a woman with great leadership was selected,” said Carolina Durán, Secretary of Economic Development of Bogotá.
María Isabella Muñoz is an industrial engineer from Universidad Javeriana and has a specialization in Economics from Universidad de los Andes. In addition to her experience in the capital funds sector and business structuring, she has worked in the development of products for the securities market in Colombia.
Nicolás Uribe Rueda, president of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, stated that “We are confident that under the leadership of María Isabella Muñoz, the challenges that the entity faces in its task of positioning Bogota as an attractive destination for foreign investment, business and international events will be successfully met. Likewise, with this appointment we ratify the importance of women’s leadership in the CCB and its subsidiaries”.
As Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, Muñoz assumes challenges such as maintaining the positioning of the capital as one of the most important investment destinations in Latin America, profiling the city as a benchmark in nearshore and e-commerce projects, and strengthening the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem by attracting capital to promote the scalability and growth of local startups. 
Since its founding in 2006, Invest in Bogota has been recognized internationally as an exemplary organization in the task of attracting investment and improving the business climate. In addition, it has positioned itself as a key player in public-private articulation in the country’s capital and has been highlighted as one of the best investment promotion agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean for six consecutive years.
Thanks to this international positioning, Bogota has been highlighted in rankings such as the ‘American Cities of the Future 2021/22’ by fDi Intelligence, an analysis unit of the Financial Times, which ranked the Colombian capital as the second most important city in Latin America.

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