04 de Marzo 2018

A plan to make Bogota the capital of the audiovisual industry

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Bogota audiovisual industry

By applying "smart specialization", Bogota is seeking to become the capital of the Latin American audiovisual industry. "Bogota is home to roughly three-quarters of the companies in this sector throughout the country and has been the city that over the last 10 years has received most foreign investment, establishing itself as a city for the creative industries in Latin America," says the CEO of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez.

The executive, who is attending the 58th Cartagena Film Festival (FICCI) notes that the participation in this activity by the entity he represents aims to "promote Bogota as an ideal place to locate creative companies and especially the audiovisual industry.”

In fact, he emphasizes that "senior players like Fox or HBO are coming to the country and are shooting major series and feature films in our city."

According to Invest in Bogota, in the past 10 years over USD 460 million have been invested by the media companies that have settled in the capital.

Pérez explains that this "is significant to the extent not only that these businesses come and create jobs, but they also open the door to new audiovisual productions and each production leaves a significant economic impact."

For his part, the Vice President of Competitiveness and Shared Value of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Marco Llinás, explains that "in Bogota multiple actors in the public, private and academic sectors are working on the country's most important productive development agenda and one of the most important in Latin America, using a smart specialization strategy."

To do this, he says, "they have defined five strategic areas that are aligned with the productive vocation of the region" where they are "focusing most of their efforts and resources."

One such area is the "Bogota Creative Region", which covers the sectors and clusters related to what is now known as the ‘orange economy’ or cultural industries.

In this sense, adds Llinás, "there are multiple efforts, including an entire series of science, technology and innovation projects aimed at detonating these industries" through audiovisual media, film, television, advertising, video games and animation, gastronomy, software, music and fashion, among others.

Invest in Bogota and the Chamber of Commerce of the Colombian capital have joined forces so that "this sector has a triggering effect for the city’s economy such that the region will soon be recognized worldwide for having one of the liveliest creative and cultural industries in the world."

Llinás adds that according to calculations made by the Chamber of Commerce, "Bogota Creative Region" encompasses about 90,000 of the nearly 500,000 companies that are registered in the entity.

"That means that it’s a fundamental sector and in particular that the cluster of creative and content industries amounts to about 12,000 companies."


Source: EFE
Inputs by Invest in Bogota