Rockstart chooses Bogota for promotion as a city of innovative initiatives

Date: 3 March, 2018

Among cities in 20 countries, this ‘startup accelerating company’ has set its eyes on the Colombian capital, where it plans to implement the “Web & Mobile” program that provides capital, consulting, workspaces and contacts that facilitate the growth of enterprises with a strong technological component.

Invest in Bogota, the agency that promotes foreign investment in the capital of the country, said this Saturday that the Dutch company Rockstart has created the “Web & Mobile” program to promote innovative initiatives in Colombia and turn the country into “a core of enterprises for Latin America”.

The promotion agency explains in its press release that Rockstart settled in Bogota in October 2017 and through its “Web & Mobile” has since been promoting companies that rely on the use of new technologies.

These firms receive financial capital, expert advice, workspaces and contacts with potential allies that will boost growth as quickly as possible.

The companies that are part of “Web & Mobile” work in fields related to “shared economy, enterprise software and the cloud” as well as “platforms for recruiting and hiring talent”, among others.

The Dutch firm chose the Colombian capital from among cities in 20 countries to implement this program. The initiative also seeks to attract foreign investment, since “more and more investors are attracted by the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region,” says Felipe Santamaría, Director of Rockstart.

In its four months in Bogota, the company has already attracted seven European investors and accelerated companies’ weekly growth by an average 13%, the report adds.

In this regard, the CEO of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez, notes that “Bogota has a reputation as an entrepreneurial city,” which is complemented “by qualified and bilingual human talent, strengths that allow it to shine as one of the major business centers of Latin America.”

One of the projects chosen for promotion by Rockstart is Queo, a business that “markets parking areas in parts of Bogota where demand is high and there’s insufficient supply.”

Rockstart was born in 2011 in Amsterdam and operates in 15 countries, among them Nepal, Myanmar, and the Netherlands.

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