16 de Julio 2019

SoftBank and DiDi will be part of the 4th Foreign Investment Summit in Bogota

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Organized by Invest in Bogota next August 14, this event will give international companies, trade associations and representatives from national and local governments the opportunity to discuss the role of Colombia’s capital as a global services platform in Latin America.

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Bogota has become one of the most attractive cities in Latin American for international technology and outsourcing companies. Companies like Amazon, Scotiabank, Globant, Johnson & Johnson, Concentrix, and DiDi have joined the long list of multinational corporations that have recently begun or expanded their operations in Colombia’s capital city.

The key strengths of Bogota that are turning it into a global services platform in Latin America will be analyzed during the 4th Foreign Investment Summit in Bogota, a free event that will be held on August 14 at the Salitre offices of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

Organized by the foreign investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota, the Summit will feature speakers like Javier Villamizar, a partner at SoftBank, one of the three largest investment funds in the world; Alfredo López Rojas, Public Policy Director for Latin America at Didi, the market-leading mobility platform; and Victor Muñoz, Senior Presidential Advisor for Digital Transformation.

In the words of the Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, Juan Gabriel Pérez, “Technology and outsourcing industries have become drivers behind the growth of foreign direct investment in Bogota. This is why it is important for members of the business ecosystem to take advantage of these events to network and discuss the challenges we face as a city, as we seek to consolidate our position as a global services platform in Latin America.”

Throughout the day, discussion panels will bring together government representatives, trade associations, entrepreneurs and business leaders. One of these panels, “Bogota, the Capital of Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges from Different Stakeholders’ Perspectives”, will be moderated by Víctor Manuel Galindo, Director of INNpulsa Capital, and participants will include representatives from Platzi, Village Capital, Hubog and Wayra.

The panel “Making it Happen: Bogota and the Response to Global Operations Challenges” will be moderated by Ana Karina Quessep, President of Bpro and will address topics such as human talent in Bogota, salary costs, the social impact of these operations and Bogota’s immersion in global value chains.

The Conference will end with a speed networking event where participating companies will have the opportunity to identify potential partners or commercial opportunities. Those interested in participating in the 4th Foreign Investment Summit in Bogota must register on the event website, which also presents a detailed agenda.