Spanish health sector multinational GAES arrives in Colombia

Date: 29 August, 2016

The company’s objective, which consolidates its presence in the region, thanks to its operations in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Panama, is to open over the next three years a total of 10 centers in Colombia, with investments exceeding USD 3.3 million.

Personalized hearing equipment will be assembled in the country according to each patient’s needs, explains Alfonso Mostajo, CEO of GAES for Latin America.

ProColombia and Invest in Bogota accompanied GAES throughout its decision-making process and eventual selection of Colombia as a place of business and in the choice of locations to operate in the country, starting in Bogota.

Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota, says “Bogota is an ideal destination for companies assembling medical devices; it’s the country’s principal market by size and by the purchasing power of its population; it has a strong industrial capacity; its strategic location facilitates market access and it has an abundant and qualified labor force. In addition, 21% of all affiliates of the country’s health system live in the Bogota region, followed by the departments of Antioquia and Valle del Cauca.”

Active for over 70 years, the firm is focused on providing specialized attention with highly qualified professionals and cutting-edge technology, offering solutions to over 500,000 people worldwide.

According to Mostajo, “Colombia has a high potential that guarantees success for an investor, with its favorable conditions, a growing market, and its strong economy, it has shown remarkable stability in comparison with other markets. Apart from these factors, we find in the country an opportunity to offer solutions to the Colombian population against possible hearing difficulties.”

According to Health Ministry reports, about five million Colombians – equivalent to 11% of the total population – suffer hearing problems and it is estimated that among the active working population of ages 25 to 50, the prevalence of loss of hearing due to exposure to noise is about 14%.

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