06 de April 2020

Startups for achieving physical and mental wellbeing during the lockdown


Wellbeing experts underline the importance of doing exercise and carrying out activities that will enable people to stay healthy in the midst of the emergency caused by Coronavirus. Here we present five platforms that could be of help.


In the face of the isolation measures and the minimal social contact that the Colombian population has been forced to adopt as a result of the Covid-19 emergency, apps and digital services involving dance, exercise and other similar activities have become an important ally so that people can cope with this period without neglecting their physical and mental wellbeing.

“These activities are vital as they boost the immune system, help us to feel more connected and increase our productivity levels,” emphasizes Julián Torres, the director and founder of Fitpal.

The application brings together over 700 gyms through a single subscription, which allows users to access thousands of physical and wellbeing activities. At this time when most of Colombia’s gyms are closed due to Coronavirus, the startup has developed a platform called Fitpal Home that provides users with virtual access to gyms from anywhere in Colombia.

“We believe that physical activity is one of the cornerstones of a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, and that is why we want to help everyone who has decided to adopt social distancing measures by staying at home,” remarks Oswaldo Trava, the co-founder of InstaFit. In the face of the global Covid-19 situation the company is offering free access to both of its applications, InstaFit Casa and InstaFit Gym, which boast over 1000 exercise routines.

Dance, an alternative for staying in shape

Another option for those who want to stay in shape but are not fans of traditional gyms are dance workouts. This is exactly what is offered by Candeleo Studio, a gym that employs a training technique that blends the results of functional training with the fun and benefits of dance.

As explained by its director Diego Nuñez, the emergency posed by Coronavirus obliged Candeleo Studio to reinvent itself. In a matter of days, the gym — which used to operate through in-person classes — developed a virtual platform through which its clients can keep doing exercise at home in these times when. As Nuñez affirms, “we must come together and spread peace and tranquility, and what better way to do it than through exercise and training.”

Those wanting to use dance as a tool to attain greater peace of mind can do so thanks to services such as those offered by Premshakti, an oriental dance academy that has been offering training in disciplines like belly dance, Bollywood, yoga and fusion dance, among others.

Antonina Canal, the academy’s director and the winner of 6 gold medals in the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, explains that they are currently continuing to give classes through digital mediums and also offer daily free classes through their social networks. “Physical exercise in connection with the body, mind, heart and spirit is vital in order to genuinely do holistic and integral work,” she states.

Finally, those who want to discover activities beyond exercise and dance that will enable them to unleash their potential and find happiness can achieve their goals through platforms like Happiness Gym.
Amid this global emergency, its director, María del Mar Buenaventura, explains that the space focuses on “helping people to handle the crisis and to see it as an opportunity to bring out the best in themselves in these times of change.”

All these startups have been identified as part of an initiative by Bogota’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable (formed by Invest in Bogota, the Secretariat of Economic Development, Andi del Futuro, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Bictia, Connect Bogota, Endeavor and Wayra) that aims to highlight startups that are helping Colombians to get through the Coronavirus situation. If you would like to discover more of these examples, please visit here.