Binational chambers and regional investment promotion agencies launch a strategic alliance to promote international trade and investment in Colombia

Date: 29 September, 2022
evento ministro turismo

The Regional Investment Promotion Agencies (APRIS) and the Binational Chambers of Commerce of the country met today in Bogotá with the Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce, Germán Umaña, for the creation of a strategic alliance that allows the attraction of projects aimed to the substitution of the country’s mining-energy exports.

Bogota, D.C., Thursday, September 15, 2022 (IIB)- The Regional Investment Promotion Agencies (APRIS) and the Binational Chambers of Commerce have proposed to the Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce, Germán Umaña, who was accompanied by ProColombia, a strategic alliance to substitute the country’s mining-energy exports.

The bi-national Chambers will be responsible for identifying the large anchor projects for each country and will find their regional echo in the investment promotion agencies and the regional competitiveness councils.

The meeting held today in Bogotá, framed in the creation of an alliance between 14 regional investment promotion agencies, 20 binational chambers of commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and ProColombia, marks an unprecedented milestone in the country.

This will undoubtedly give a new dimension to the restructuring of new Colombian exports so that in the medium term progress can be made in substituting foreign exchange generated by oil and coal.

Likewise, those investments in value-added sectors that generate knowledge and technology transfer, as well as the generation of qualified labor, will be prioritized.

In his speech, Minister Umaña proposed to hold regular meetings to take the proposed initiatives to a specific level and to be able to obtain results in the short term.

He especially highlighted the identification of value-added projects in clean energy, including hydrogen, as well as those aimed at achieving a balanced balance with Venezuela, taking Colombia as a platform for other countries to access that market.

Likewise, he emphasized the need to promote tourism in the different regions of the country, taking advantage of the natural biodiversity of Colombia, as well as the multicultural wealth of the various communities.

Finally, the importance of strengthening exports by plane to Mediterranean cities and promoting sales to foreign markets through cross-border electronic commerce, which will represent 35% of world trade in the coming years, is underlined.

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