18 de February 2016

With the support of Invest in Bogota and ProColombia, TOTVS establishes a new office in Colombia to attend the Andean region


With this new office, the Brazilian company aims to accelerate the sales process and expand its regional operations

With the support of Invest in Bogota and ProColombia, TOTVS establishes a new office in Colombia to attend the Andean region

TOTVS has maintained a presence in these countries for the last 5 years, providing business solutions such as ERP, CRM, HR, the FLUIG platform and BI (Business Intelligence) to the agribusiness, construction, design, manufacturing, retail and services segments; however, with the creation of the Andean operation and the opening of an office in Colombia, the company intends to improve its service for local businesses and further reinforce its strategy in the region.

The selection of Colombia as a hub for TOTVS in the Andean region is due to the fact that this is the fourth largest market in Latin America and one of the countries with the greatest economic stability in the region, in fact, in each of the last five years, the Colombian economy has grown by an average of 4.8%. Furthermore, according to Doing Business 2015 of the World Bank, Colombia ranks tenth worldwide and No. 1 in Latin America in protecting investors, so its position places the country as a leader in the region as the most "friendly” destination to do business.

According to María Claudia Lacouture, President of ProColombia, "Colombia is becoming increasingly more attractive for Brazilian companies. More than 50 of them have investments in Colombia with a view to attending other markets, taking advantage of existing trade agreements and doing business in sectors such as software, IT, BPO, metallurgy, manufacturing, machinery, infrastructure and agribusiness, initiatives that in turn are creating an estimated 19,483 new jobs, according to the investors."

Colombia is betting on innovation as a cross component for the processing of products and services that generate added value and skilled jobs, and thanks to this, several studies and international publications recognize it as a country that offers an excellent business environment. As a result of the good business climate in Bogota, more than 1,500 foreign companies are currently located in the city.

Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of the investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota, explains: "We’re pleased that companies such as TOTVS choose Bogota as a strategic platform for attending to its business in the region. The Colombian capital undoubtedly offers significant competitive advantages; it has a favorable business environment, a skilled workforce and a strategic geographical location. This new operation confirms the growing interest of technology companies in setting up their businesses in Bogota. The new office of TOTVS has a positive impact on the city because it represents a strong component of transfer of technology and knowledge and creates quality jobs."

The new headquarters of TOTVS in Colombia is located in Bogota and will be led by Douglas Medeiros, whose previous responsibility was TOTVS’s own unit in northeast Brazil.

Medeiros, who since joining TOTVS in 2003 has worked on consolidating the company’s marketing channels and has directed its units in Brasilia and Recife, has extensive experience in business channels coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the company and the Latin American culture, which will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening operations in the countries of the new region.

"Being in charge of such an important region is a great opportunity to raise awareness about TOTVS as a company capable of contributing to the increased competitiveness of our customers and grow with them; this motivates me a lot and I hope I can do a great job," says Douglas Medeiros, Andean Director of TOTVS.

With this new office, TOTVS will be able to provide closer, more personalized and better focused attention to the needs of its customers. Moreover, just as in the other divisions in the region, the company aims to increase its presence through new channels and business partners in order to take advantage of market developments in Latin America and consolidate its expansion strategy, initially in cities where it already has a presence: Bogota, Cali and Barranquilla in Colombia; Lima and Arequipa in Peru; Quito and Guayaquil in Ecuador.

"The success of TOTVS in other countries in Latin America, is largely due to the creation of strong teams working together with our channels and business partners; it is therefore very important that we support the current channels the Andean region through training and looking for other companies to help us strengthen our business ecosystem," adds Medeiros.