02 de June 2014

TOTVS heightens its presence in Colombia


Using new channels, the leading Brazilian company in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for SMEs bets on strengthening and expanding its presence in Colombia with the help of strategic partners such as Proexport, Invest in Bogota, and Apex Brasil

TOTVS heightens its presence in Colombia

TOTVS recognizes the importance of the Colombian market due to the country’s great potential arising from its outstanding economy. The company therefore focuses and confirms its continued interest in offering simple, agile, specialized, and friendly solutions. It also affirms its desire to expand its presence in the region and country, starting with channels in Bogota and continuing in other stages to move into cities where it is already exploring the market, such as Cali, Barranquilla, and the Coffee Axis, among others. 

“TOTVS is a Latin American company that understands the mentality of the Latin American businessman, and therefore the needs of the Colombian businessman. We seek to offer our services and solutions with a focus on delivering three core concepts: fluid technology (flexible processes adaptable to customer needs), essentiality in solutions (products that meet the needs of management in each of the segments (industries) that TOTVS acts), and ERP Light (a product that allows user friendly and simple management of companies), all with the goal of improving the competitiveness of Colombian companies," says Marcelo Eduardo Sant'Anna, International Director of Marketing and M&A of TOTVS.

Through a strategic alliance with Proexport Colombia, Invest in Bogota, and Apex Brasil in Colombia, TOTVS has initiated a selection process of 30 prospective channels in Bogota, four of which were finally chosen, each with a specific focus: Panda Consulting (Manufacturing and Services), Sistemas and Soluciones B Y T (Retail and Manufacturing), Optimia Solutions (Construction and Services), and Soluciones en Consultoría Integral (Services and Manufacturing).

"TOTVS has enjoyed the strategic support of Proexport in identifying opportunities in different cities and developing its expansion plans, thus strengthening the ecosystem of information technology in Colombia. Colombia's interest lies in generating more business opportunities and for investors such as TOTVS finding the country a strategic platform for expansion in the region, in turn generating a large impact on development and employment in the Colombian regions," said María Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport Colombia.

For Juan Gabriel Pérez, CEO of Invest in Bogota, "TOTVS, whose business focuses on the development of operations and solutions through technology and innovation, has chosen to expand its presence in Colombia, particularly in Bogota. Bogota is viewed as a strategic city given its location, commercial treaties, and access to other Latin American markets, as well as its highly qualified pool of human resources and the favorable investment climate provided by the country’s socio-economic stability. The arrival of a company with TOTVS’s profile has a high impact on the city due to the great potential for technology transfers and innovation components of the investment. Indeed, TOTVS’s intention is for the components and processes generated to filter into the city and across the rest of the country.” 

For her part, Vicky Osorio, Director of Apex Brasil Colombia, adds: "Apex Brasil celebrates the strengthening of TOTVS’s presence in the country, highlighting how this initiative serves as an example for other Brazilian companies seeking to expand their business in Latin America, where Colombia is positioned as a trusted partner for business growth. Through our team in Brazil and our new office in Colombia, we are committed to a bilateral agenda for the successful development of TOTVS’ plans for internationalization.”

TOTVS, operating across 39 countries in addition to five of its own units in Brazil, and two in Argentina and Mexico, confirms, in turn, its interest in recruiting new channels that not only provide technology solutions, but also have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, with the company paying specialized attention to each segment it manages in the region: agribusiness, services, retail, manufacturing and construction, thus providing value to its offer.

Focused on best business practices, TOTVS, hand-in-hand with its new partners, is betting on Colombia by exploring the country’s market for SMEs, ensuring a real area of opportunity in the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies that can help increase their productivity and competitiveness worldwide.